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by:Xprinter     2020-06-13

when most people think of printer, mind or an inkjet printer. That is the kind of print to our company and home daily use the kind of printer paper. And today we're going to introduce you, this much inkjet printer senior 3 d printers. 3 d printers, changed the way traditional manufacturing inkjet printers and 3 d printers dimension problem, is the biggest difference between a desktop printer is 2 d print, in a flat spray color ink on paper, and a 3 d printer can produce take the 3 d objects on your hands. 3 d printers on the basis of computer instruction, through layer upon layer manufacturing products raw materials. For most of human history, we through cutting raw materials or items by molding manufacture new entities. And 3 d printer broke the items of the original manufacturing way, unlike traditional manufacturing machine by cutting or die mold manufacturing goods. But through layer upon layer formed entity objects. This from the Angle of physics, expand the scope of the concept of digital.

hong rui 3 d printer to print items

for internal sag requires accurate or the shape of the interlock part design, 3 d printer is the preferred processing equipment, it can be such a design is realized in the physical world. The name of 3 d printing technology is to add material manufacturing, it is more apt description of the actual printing process. 3 d printing unique manufacturing technology allows us to produce various shapes of objects like never before. 3 d printing process is what kind of 3 d printing process is as follows: 3 d printers instruction under the guidance of the design file, first out solid powder or molten liquid material, make its curing for the thin layer of a special plane. The first layer after curing, 3 d printers print head back, in the first layer of external form a thin layer. The second after curing, the print head back again, and on the second external form a thin layer. So on, the thin layer accumulation into three-dimensional objects.

3 d printers are model

3 d printing is not appeared in recent years, the new technology of 3 d printing is not actually a kind of new technology, a few decades ago, 3 d printer has been manufacturing machining work silently. And why it is as if only active in people's field of vision in recent years? This is because in the past few years, due to computing power, software, new materials, new design innovation drive and the drive of progress of the Internet, 3 d printing technology rapid development, there are news about the 3 d printing technology emerge in endlessly, makes 3 d printing technology is more and more popular in the world.

3 d printing bicycle

3 d printer normal operation is the precondition of slicing software for 3 d printing, computer is a never less equipment. Computers play a key role in the process of 3 d printing, no computer instruction, 3 d printers will be paralyzed. 3 d printer is the premise of normal operation to enter a better electronic design blueprint or design documents, they are responsible for tell where is the 3 d printers are placed raw materials. In fact, not connected to the computer and design documents of 3 d printers are of no use, just as it had been stored iPod music.

3 d printers built-in slicing software

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