3 d printing will be how to change our life? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-31
Home to the guest, found that the lack of a chair, through 3 d printer to print a. Suddenly find themselves should change a toothbrush, a toothbrush in about 10 minutes in the 3 d printer. Sounds like dreaming? With the emergence of 3 d printers, our dream will gradually become a reality. Today, 3 d printing gradually into the life, we can print out the required daily necessities. 3 d printing into the pace of life, we will be more and more quickly, even burst into geometric growth level of energy. Food, toys, clothing, artwork, artificial body, transportation, house, can is it's masterpiece. In the future, everyone can be a designer, using 3 d printing technology at home and create all sorts of our own personalized products. Some predict that the future of the furniture manufacturers will no longer need machine-made, lack of innovative product design, but the figure is provided by the customer designed products. Shopping sites may only need to provide product design, print this at finished product by the customer, thus greatly reduce the freight. 3 d printing will also greatly affect people's future career choice, as some experts predict, 3 d printing is likely to trigger a new industrial revolution. 3 d printing appears to be the return of the single decentralized production, is actually and distributed energy technology, Internet technology, new materials and other high-tech combination of go hand in hand. 3 d printing technology is making way and means of revolutionary innovation, represents the future development direction of manufacturing informationization, intellectualized.
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