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by:Xprinter     2020-06-24
Interface between bar code printer and computer are connected through interfaces, bar code printer is divided into 5 kinds of interface. 1. Serial port serial ports is called a serial interface, the PC generally has two serial COM and COM 1 2. Serial port is different from the parallel port in its data and control information is a pick up a transmission. Speed will be slower, but more parallel port transfer interval longer, so if want to undertake a long interval of communication, serial port should be used. COM usually use 9-pin 1 D coupling, also called RS - 232 interface, and some use COM 2 is old-fashioned DB25 pin connector, also known as RS - 422 interface, this interface is now rarely used. 2. Parallel interface ( Parallel port) Parallel interface and parallel port for short, is a kind of enhanced two-way parallel transmission interface. The advantage is no need to use other card in PC, connect any number ( As long as you have enough port) , equipment installation and use easily, high transmission speed of 1. 5Mbps。 At present, the parallel interface of computer as a main bar code printer port, 36 needle joint interface is no longer used but the 25 needles D shape joint. The so-called & quot; Parallel & quot; Refers to the 8 bits of data transmitted through the parallel line, at the same time so that data transfer speed progress greatly, but parallel transmission line length is limited, the increased length, interference will increase, easy to get wrong. 3. USB interface of USB is the full name of the Universal Serial Bus, USB support hot plug, plug and play the advantages, so the USB interface has become MP3, digital cameras and other electronic products the main way of interface. For the bar code printer using USB application of change is significantly increase speed, USB interface provides 12 MBPS connection speed, parallel speed improvement, to achieve more than 10 times, under the speed printing file transfer time is greatly reduced. USB 2。 0 standard further advances the interface speed to 480 MBPS, is ordinary USB speed of 20 times, more drastically reduces the print file transfer time. , of course, the USB interface is divided into A, B, as to what's the difference between them? A simple way, the Type - A interface is we usually use most standard USB interface, and other interfaces are in the shape of its derivatives. 4. So so the RJ45 port network, printers support network printing, namely as long as access network, set up its IP, sharing, network protocol, etc. , to set up under the same network needs to connect to print computer ( Specific steps here is not opened) , you can through the network transmission, print out the computer directly to the transmission of data. So print the biggest advantage is to support multiple computers to share the same printer, printing speed, especially in print some of the large amount of data and documents contain complex, high-precision photo, its advantage is especially obvious. 5. PS / 2 interface PS / 2 is one of the common interface on the computer earlier, in which devices such as mouse, keyboard, the connector on the packaging is smaller, still with two-way serial communication protocol and provides the choice of the third set of keyboard scan code set, at the same time support 17 between a host and the keyboard commands. Now, the keyboard is available in the market and PS / 2 and USB keyboard compatible, just different functions. PS / 2 has the advantage that do not take up system resources, the disadvantage is that the interface device does not support hot plug, forcibly charged plug could be burned motherboard. 【 Daily maintenance 】 1. Bar code print head cleaning and turn off the power of the bar code printer, the bar code printing head turns up, remove the foil, paper label, with a little bar code print head cleaning fluid by using cotton swabs ( Or cotton) , barcode printing head gently until clean. After gently wipe with a clean cotton bar code printing head. 2. Drum cleaning, cleaning, after the bar code printing head, with dip slightly 75% alcohol swabs ( Or cotton) Cleaning roller. Method is the roll by hand, while scrubbing, after being a clean, dry. The above two steps of cleaning intervals are generally three days, if the barcode printers use frequently, best once a day. 3. Transmission system clean and clean inside the case for general label paper stickers, the glue is easy to stick on the drive shaft and channels, plus there are dust, directly affect the print effect, therefore, needs to clean frequently. Usually once a week, method is to use dip with alcohol swabs ( Or cotton) Scrub each drive shaft, the surface of the channel, and the dust inside the case, after clean, dry. 【 The maintenance of barcode printing head 】 1. To play the best effect, when each with a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper to clean a barcode printing head. Note when clean bar code printers, the print head need to take off the ring to prevent scratch barcode printing head, using grounding metal belt or anti-static pad to prevent electrostatic damage to bar code printing head. 2. Usable cotton swab soaked in 70% alcohol, first close the printer power supply and open the bar code printer head, brush with a small amount of cotton in the mechanical parts of the printer, or blow to ups, please. Don't use any hard metal or will wear tools to grinding bar code printing head of pollutants. 3. With alcohol cotton bar pressure on barcode printing head to wipe from top to bottom out, then the rotating rollers, use it to turn while wiping. Warm reminder: bar code printer temperature keeps in 10 - Between 24, not too high, otherwise easy to reduce the service life of the print head, pay attention to the collocation of carbon belt and labels, generally is coated with wax base carbon belt, synthetic paper with half a tree or the tree carbon belt. In addition, the label paper pay attention to keep flat, do not make its rugged, otherwise, the print head is easy to wear.

a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper need to clean a barcode printing head. Note when clean bar code printers, the print head need to take off the ring to prevent scratch barcode printing head, using grounding metal belt or anti-static pad to prevent electrostatic damage to bar code printing head.
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