About the label printer paper thickness _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-03
The thickness of the paper refers to the label printer can support the biggest the thickness of the paper and printing, its unit is mm ( 毫米) 。 Due to label printer is used to print paper, paper tend to need more copies superposition type printing, so when using paper printers, in addition to the single page cannot exceed the product fixed thickness of the paper, the superposition of multiple pages to print the total thickness cannot exceed the paper thickness of the product. In the actual application, all kinds of paper is phyletic and various, so use of printing paper thickness is different, such as commercial invoice in such paper paper generally thinner; In the thickness of the paper used in the financial sector is larger, so should choose when the choice into heavy wall thickness and the printing paper products. Now many of the products for the lower limit of the thickness of the paper also has certain rules, if the paper is too thin, below the lower limit, the same will happen in the process of printing failures.
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