All kinds of bar code printers, common fault 2 _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-06-29
Printed, the print head pressure adjustment according to different medium pressure to adjust the print head. The print head under normal conditions of pressure: adjusting nut to the top of the print is fruit best. Otherwise there will be a rubber roller printing deformation for a long time, carbon with wrinkle, printing effect is poor. 2, LCD display is not operating printers all indicator, the LCD is not display is not operating. Reason: the mainboard or EPROM damage. Solution: contact your distribution, replace the mainboard or properly installed an EPROM. Three, printer, all indicator lights flashing and can't test paper reasons: sensor fault. Solution: cleaning the surface of the sensor in the distribution of dust or contact your manufacturer to replace the sensor. Four, thick in the longitudinal printing process: the print head surface with dust or printers print appear wear for a long time. Solution: using alcohol to clean the print head or replace the print head. In carbon belt or five, the printer to print label paper running deviation reason: uneven pressure paper springs and the limit of paper not on table width adjustment. Solution: adjust the spring and the limit of paper. Six, print is not clear, the poor quality of reasons: 1, the temperature is too low. 2, carbon belt, the poor quality label. 3, the print head installation is not correct. Solution: 1, increase printing temperature, which increase printing density. 2, replace carbon belt and label paper. 3, to adjust the print head position, especially pay attention to its highly consistent. Seven, carbon belt hair ruffled reasons: 1, carbon belt without correct around the machine. 2, the temperature setting is not correct. 3, the pressure of the print head and balance set is not correct. 4, do not have the right to set the feeding medium volume. Solution: 1, to correct installation media. 2, adjust the print temperature, meet as soon as possible. Printing: 3, the minimum pressure required to reset the print. 。 4, resetting medium right away. Eight, change the parameter Settings do not work reason: probably the parameter setting is not correct, if confirm the parameter is set correctly and the problem still exists, might be the main board problem. Solution: restarting to factory Settings, and then the parameters setting, and permanent preservation. If the reboot after factory Settings, press the default method using a printer, if still won't do, only have to replace the motherboard manufacturer. Nine, software related fault using BarOne print Chinese character, English, bar code is normal, and other printing software for printing can't print Chinese characters. Reason: BarOne software direct control of the printer, and many other print software through Windows driver print. Only to choose the appropriate printing program to print Chinese characters, it is recommended to use the seagull. Solution: contact your product supplier, use good drivers, such as the seagull driving, or using BarOne direct drive software for the printer. Ten, in paper and relevant original print label is very normal, but, since changed to a kind of carbon belt, always label printing, paper is not normal. Reason: printer identification carbon belt, labels sensor with memory. When the belt in paper and carbon paper need to test. Solution: - ( 105SL) As an example, in the normal way of printing, press MODE key three times, press FEED, then a lot of paper, paper finished the test paper, test paper automatically record information into the printer, next time don't have to be the new boot test paper. Ran out of the paper can roll back. Eleven, big print labels are always playing half, and the other half is empty small print label is normal, but print big label is always playing half, the other half is empty. Reason: print the memory is too little, tag is too large, some information is missing. Solution: contact your product supplier, increase the printer memory.
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