Always buy good printer? That is what you didn't seize the three points _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-26
Core clew always buy good printer? If you also encountered similar problems, so this is just for you. So how to choose the good and inexpensive printer? Here is detailed introduce to you select printer correct posture. Always buy always buy good printer? If you also encountered similar problems, so this is just for you. So how to choose the good and inexpensive printer? Based on years of experience (small Yang Without modesty) , here it is detailed to introduce to you select printer correct posture. There are two kinds of working principle of bar code printer bar code printer to print methods: thermal and thermal transfer printing. Thermal is direct thermal printing label paper, printing content can only save 2 months or so, suitable for temporary use. Thermal transfer use carbon belt printing copper tags, printing content can be preserved for a long time, suitable for most occasions. How to choose and buy 1 bar code printer, actual demand ( 1) Load using bar code printer according to the use of different occasions, can be divided into commercial grade and industrial grade. Commercial machine other products mainly meet the needs of the office with the tag and small batch. Industrial level of printing equipment, considering the demands of the mass, the harsh environment. Usually industrial level of products more metal parts and higher configuration, durability and stability is greatly superior to commercial products. The printing speed is much faster, too. Using load is not a very precise line, according to our experience and some data is introduced, and the daily maximum workload is not more than 4000 copies, 1000 copies a day on average about tags perform can consider commercial type machine. Of course, under the same load is chosen industrial printing service life is longer. ( 2) Print bar code printer by printing precision accuracy to differentiate, there are mainly two 203 dpi and 300 dpi, 300 dpi about 30% more expensive, if the requirement of printing precision is higher, Such as jewelry, mobile phone, the density of the barcode in the electronic components is higher) , can choose the model of a 300 dpi, usually choose 203 dpi model is enough. ( 3) Other issues need to pay attention to if the actual work need to print a large number of data from the database, had better choose memory larger industrial products. If the information in the database contains Chinese characters, should consider to choose this model can download Chinese characters to the machine in memory. If the print medium variety is more, must choose the sensor can be moved. Also, consider whether you need print media details such as additional support. Users should according to their actual needs, choose suitable products. Don't blindly choose high grade product, also should avoid to choose can't bear the actual work load of commercial products. Zebra gt8202, bar code printer maintenance services professional stronger, select suppliers should give full consideration to the professional background of the supplier. Service level mainly from the following several aspects: professional training; Professional maintenance; Backup service; Consumable supplies, etc. Professional training: usually should directly by the supplier to the user more professional training, in addition to the operational training, also should introduce the daily maintenance and simple troubleshooting, etc. Should be able to provide localized professional maintenance: maintenance service, response speed should be within 24 hours. Bar code printer head belong to wearing parts, usually 2 ~ 3 years need to be replaced, it also need professional personnel to provide service, otherwise can also affect the print head life. Backup service: when the equipment need to return to factory maintenance, should provide a backup device, ensure that production is not affected. Should be able to promptly supply consumables supply: customer required consumables, can provide professional guidance for the special needs of customers. 3, spare parts and consumables costs in addition to want to consider the price of the machine itself, also consider consumables and parts ( Mainly the print head) The price of. The price of the print head accounted for about 40% of the price of equipment, and parts of the printer. Because in all kinds of unpredictable print materials printed or the effects of the operating environment, can lead to the print head injury, it is recommended that you purchase the mainstream market products. Don't wait for replacing the print head, only to find that it is hard to find a supply of goods or too expensive. To sum up, although you are a layman, but several basic points mentioned above, just a little understanding, also is to know. So often users complain, or can't normal use barcode printers, how be to return a responsibility? According to understand, mostly because the user failed to find a supplier of, does not provide a reliable, good after-sales service, so one could encounter problems. So advice to you is, oneself also to understand several important parameters, under the premise of in big yes, choose a capable suppliers to buy, the basic can buy the right, with comfort.
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