an artist has created photo shooter with gameboy, camera, thermal printer, arduino board and gun

by:Xprinter     2019-11-14
Shut up and take my money.
A Russian artist proves what is possible with a little ingenuity.
Dmirtry Morozov created the most unnecessary but awesome DIY camera in the world. Dubbed \"gbg-
8, \"photo shooter was created with an old Game Boy, camera, thermal printer, Arduino board and gun. It created an 8-
Use the barrel as a viewfinder and the gun trigger as a shooting button to take instant photos.
The photo is displayed on the Game Boy screen before it is sent to the hot printer.
View the create video that is running. ::vtol:: gbg-
Month and day: vertical take-off and landing: this is what I wrote.
Do you know more crazy devices?
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