Analysis of portable printer industry trends _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-28
Portable printer is used to carry use, has small volume, light weight, easy to carry, etc. Today for everyone to analysis of portable printer industry trends: a development prospect of portable printer, portable printer as a new product is in development, a lot of technology and function in the exploration stage, the current market situation is still far from reach maturity. Portable printer machine core is a core print output devices, is the most expensive city, has a high technical content, key components of the manufacturing process requirement is very complicated. At present, the domestic brands of portable printers use movement for overseas procurement, movement procurement cost is the key factors that affect the cost of its products. Any key to cost control ability, the presence of portable printers movement of domestic production capacity, will be about the development of China's portable printer, it is the key to the portable printer industry competition. Second, the market demand has a portable printer for printing products along with the rising demand, the original stage, people demand for the printer is printing hurry, quality good. However, technological progress and realistic demand for the above requirements become no longer strong, current printers print quality is very good, but the development of the space is not too much, the printing speed have greater leap, so people began to consider the needs of the other, such as portable printing. Portable print to the printer, there are two main requirements, one is the mobility, one is small size, in the final analysis is the need to small printer, get rid of the cumbersome body to portable mobile. Today, with the development of mobile office, various kinds of office printing devices on the market with the function is more humanized and comprehensive, dapper products applied to the field more widely, for those who go out to work all the year round is not exceptional also, so the portable printers by more and more attention from the industry.
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