Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages bar code printer _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-14
Thermal bar code printer according to the arrangement of the temperature sensor can be divided into the line thermal ( 热导行系统) And column type thermal ( 热串行点系统) 。 Column type thermal belongs to the early products, currently mainly used in some requirements for the printing speed is not high, the domestic existing authors used in their products. Line thermal technology in the 1990 s, its print much faster than the thermal column type, the fastest speed has reached to 230 mm/SEC. In order to realize high speed thermal printer, in addition to select high speed thermal print head, also must have the corresponding control panel and cooperation. Thermal bar code printers, advantages and disadvantages relative to the stylus printer, thermal printing speed, low noise, the print is clear, the advantages of easy to use. But thermal bar code printer can't print directly duplex, printed documents can not be permanent, if use the best thermal paper, can save ten years. And the print can print double needle type, and if with good ribbon, print documents can be stored for a long time, but slow stylus printer to print, noisy, print the handwriting rough, often need to change the ribbon. If users need to print invoices, it is recommended to use pin type printing and other print other documents, it is recommended to use thermal printing.
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