Carbon belt occurs which common problem _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-07-07
1: carbon with needle ( Bubble) : because of the ink did not cause, cause when printed words, not all. 2: carbon with wrinkle: because the cutting and the tension control system appear problem, can cause in carbon with no words on a small area printing. Because of two layers of carbon with the temperature of the melting temperature is more than one layer. 3: carbon with a blank: handled by light film is not good, will result in greater than the not complete blank. 4: the inside diameter of paper core of tolerance is too big or too small, not put not into the printer or shaft carbon belt. 5: when the transportation temperature is too high, can cause carbon stick together. 6: paper core for running: cause broken belt, not along the edge. 7: carbon belt length is not enough. 8: carbon belt processing wound too tight or too relaxed, in carbon with runtime cannot and printer. 9: shoddy, la base composition composition is too little, too much resin shows the advantage of mixed base.
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