Cashier printers can't automatic paper cutting to do _ equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-02

cashier printer could not automatic paper cutting?

printer is one of the indispensable accessories the cash register, it is mainly used for printing register order documents. There are many types of printers, commonly used in the cash register the printer, is 57 mm by thermal printer. Cashier printer with the function of paper cutting, and not with the function of paper cutting. Paper cutting function more general cost is controlled yuan.

cashier printers can't automatic paper cutting, general check cash register software Settings for this function, if any, will open the automatic paper cutting. Depending on the cloud system such as well, don't need to set up, as long as the printer connection good cash register, can automatic paper cutting. Cash register software contrast some time longer, better dimensional sight cloud system is more convenient in terms of setting, function is relatively complete.

if there is nothing wrong with cash register software Settings, it is the printer itself should be a hardware problem, this need professional and technical personnel to know the cause of the failure, so small make up recommend to send the printer back to register the factory for repair.

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