Choice so the kitchen printer or serial printer _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-22

a serial port directly connected kitchen printers

so through switches even kitchen printers

customer ask:

serial hutch dozen or so hutch to play good? Answer: if you ask the sales, most of the answer is so good. If you ask have 3 years experience in development of technology. Answer must be a serial port. Not a foreign catering software can with a so hutch. Because of so more difficult to control, Unless there is a parallel hutch + Jesse kai special printer server) 。 Probability of lost list is for sure, just how much difference. 。 。 The only advantage is to install fast, some of the kitchen play simple. Distance. More than one cash register Shared kitchen playing time. So if you play kitchen within 2, within 50 meters distance, or proposal with a serial port hutch. Need some experience to a serial port, of course, the kitchen printer is not single, even if most of the domestic catering software developers can link serial hutch, didn't also do, still single
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