Chongqing authority of bar code machine manufacturers parsing using barcode printer several big advantage _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-12

bar code printer is a kind of special printer. Bar code printers, and the biggest difference is that of ordinary printers, bar code printer to print is based on the thermal, carbon belt for print media ( Or directly use the thermal paper) Complete printing, the printing way one of the biggest advantages compared with common print approach is that it can be realized in the case of unattended continuous high-speed printing. Print the contents of it is for the enterprise brand identity and the serial number identification, packaging, bar code identification, envelopes, labels, clothing tag, etc. As prices fall, the domestic enterprises have begun to popularize using bar code printer to print the barcode, logos, labels, etc.

then compared with the ordinary printers, bar code printers use what are the advantages? Continuous printing: industrial grade quality, not limited by perform, can print 24 hours; Print area wide: printing materials without limit, can print PET, bond paper, thermal paper sticker and synthetic materials such as PET, PVC and water to wash the cloth, etc. ; Print features: using thermal transfer printing of text and graphics has scratch-resistant effect, the use of special carbon with print can also make print products are waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics; Print very fast: the fastest can be up to 10 inches ( 24 cm) Per second. Batch print: can print the serial number of the continuous, connect to the database to print; Easy to save finishing: label paper is several hundred meters long, generally can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small tag; Label printer for printing, more easy to save and finishing; Not restricted by working environment; The longest single tag can be reached more than 120 cm. Fine count, did not think of bar code printer has so many advantages, can save a lot of time on enterprises, improve production efficiency and create more economic benefits.

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