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by:Xprinter     2020-06-23
Summary introduction: fragile label adhesive class generally attached to the machine, computer, metal, plastic and other anti-counterfeiting mark or warranty label above. Itself belongs to the anti-counterfeit labels, stickers on any posted content will firmly stick to death.

the following several ways to help you solve: how to remove fragile sticker.

tool materials

needle or toothpicks, rubber, hair dryer, lemon juice, hand cream, hot water, oil and vinegar, scissors, nail polish remover, alcohol, wind, etc.


1, metal needles to division: need to prepare a metal needle or toothpicks ( The thinner the better) And the other for rubber one. Note that gently from one end of the start ( Pay attention to do not force the posted content direction, must be outward push) 。 So it may larger area suddenly fell off ( Don't let fall upon other label off, or become secondary pollution) 。 Efforts will also not have glue phenomenon, then it is ok to use the eraser gently wipe ( Pay attention to choose the right rubber night fall) 。

2, rubber: for some surface residual traces of adhesive, also can eraser again, then leave the eraser to remove the hair.

3, pruning directly: if there is a stubborn stickers on the carpet, you can carefully put the carpet nap traces directly cut off the top of the stickers is ok, will not affect the quality of the carpet.

4, hair dryer, for adhesive plastic products above, can use a hair dryer heat file will stickers blowing hot, then slowly torn off. But almost every family has a hair dryer, we use hair dryer also can get rid of unwanted labels. Using a hair dryer hot air to the label of baking, but want to keep a certain distance, not too close, also cannot too long time continuous baking. When touch label parts have some warm, can use nails or pointed tweezers try from the corner of the label a little wave. Because the stickers become viscous fall when they are heated, so better than dry tore. But not add the transformed from rubber on the hot water, there is some sticky, tear cannot too fast too fierce, must careful patience, it is best to have noodles with the original paste are angled 45 degree Angle so that a little bit up to, not yank fierce tear. As long as you are patient, tags can be well off and not to leave a bit offset printing on the packaging.

5, hot water: the residual traces of towels soaked out with hot water first, then traces the stickers wiped repeatedly, then a wet towel with soap, and repeatedly wipe traces in place, finally the lather with a clean wet towel wipe is ok.

6, lemon juice, if these stickers to skin, and lemon juice can be used to clean up.

7, hand cream, hand cream can also remove adhesive effect, because the hand cream contains a lot of water, and water containing a certain amount of surfactant. The surfactant has good wetting, penetration and dissolving ability, can quickly permeate between adhesive and surface, thus achieve the purpose of clearing. Some similar products, such as face cream, facial cleanser and washing spirit also have certain effect.

8, vinegar remove method: we put the vinegar with cotton evenly daub on the stickers. Through the glass, we can immediately see vinegar slowly spread between glass and stickers. At this time, the cotton swab scraping back and forth on the stickers, soon, stickers began peeling off pieces of land, and glass glue, few remnants, paper, bright and clean like new.

9, edible oil to division: spare a spoonful of cooking oil, then evenly smear on labeling ( Fragile label under the action of oil will lose viscosity) 。 For 3 ~ 5 minutes, you can directly from the corner label by hand to tear up slowly, and not left label mark.

10, nail polish remover to division: wash armour water traces on the surface of the adhesive, dealing with hard objects, such as stainless steel pot or glass ware, apply a small amount of water on the whole fragile labels, use nail gently scrape off the tag. Then dip in with cotton swabs apply a small amount of nail polish remover the labels and glue, after waiting for 1 ~ 2 minutes with a residue will rub off. These methods are not hurt by post content and to get rid of the non-drying label can be clean. We can tear off label use oil free after besmear nail polish remover on surfaces, and then gently with a soft cloth to wipe.

11, alcohol, remove method: above all these solvent effect is not obvious, the daub after solvent, we also need to wipe the glass residue. But the use of alcohol, things changed, we a alcohol brush on the glass stickers, soon see stickers softening down slowly, dissolve away. A jie, with your hand lightly in the adhesive will leave the glass clean. Remove the mark can also be used petrol.

12, wind remove method: remove the non-drying label the stubborn stains, makes the work. Wind to remove the adhesive effect is very good, the wind penetration stickers. Slowly, we feel the adhesive soft down, some adhesive has been blown down. With the scratches, we continue to apply the reaction between faster and faster, about 2 minutes or so, a piece of adhesive was cleared. Then use clean cloth to wipe, stickers can fall off.

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