Common q&a _ invoice printer printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-29

1, unable to print invoices, the printer can't connect.

the reason: there is no install printer approach: to verify the printer before printing invoices installation, put the printer display driver CD into the computer, according to the installation guide for installation, be careful to choose the right type and port.

2, unable to print the invoice, click on the print invoices after computer and printer are no response.

reasons: corporate network too slow or problems setting up the printer. Approach: first to determine whether the network status is good, and then verify the printer is normal connection, whether the default printer for the label printer.

3, unable to print invoices, the document failed to print the words, printer, but it's good speed.

solution: click start and choose, whether print invoice printer online, if it is offline, right click on the invoice printer, click on the following & quot; Enable online printer & quot; ; If is ready, right click on the printer, select the drop-down box properties, click properties into the port, and then click the select back conforms to the port, choice of the starting with sub is a USB port, if there are several, just choose to try one by one, after restart printer; If no USB port, whether to check the computer and the printer cable connection is good, reinsert it, choose the USB port.

4, unable to print invoices, when install the printer & quot; Printer system service is not open & quot; Words

address: right-click on my computer, in the drop-down box click services, and a dialog will appear, found inside the Print Spooler service, double click and then click the start, start type choice: & quot; Automatic & quot; After reinstall the printer.

5, unable to print invoices, printer paper. Reason: printer rocker position error or printer hardware problems. Approach: first, to determine whether a printer normal connection, the printer power is open, and then confirm whether the printer paper into the rocker position forward in the paper, the printer is up and down rocker in 2 or 3. If above is confirmed, it should be the printer is something wrong with the sensor, factory Settings for the printer, if still won't do suggest contact printer manufacturer.

6, typing errors, print invoices for the code.

reasons: printer hardware problem or printer software Settings disordered approach: printer chip aging, proposed that restoring the printer factory Settings, and hold the three on the printer button to turn off the printer open printer after 5 seconds, after heard after the printer rustling sound let go at the same time, if still no, recommend replacing the printer.

7, typing errors, printed in web interface. Reason: enterprise in the process of operation click print when click on the browser to print. Handling: should click billing interface at the bottom of the printed invoice, rather than the browser file option of printing.

8, typing errors, print invoices have deviation.

the reason: before the issue to print invoices without debugging for printing position. Approach: the first print invoice or reinstall the printer to test invoice printing, after the first child function under the invoice management functions, click on the test print invoices, see a test invoice page, below a format adjustment, left and right deviation can adjust the X and Y typed paper compared with the real invoice, after normal invoice after correct format.

9, invoice printing is not complete, print out the invoice only half show

why: format printers to adjust or printer body bad handling: adjust format printers, if still won't do, contact printer manufacturers.

10, invoice printing is not complete, the enterprise at the time of print invoices, only the first invoice information, 2, 3 not play out, or no clear playing?

the reason: in the process of printing printing thickness adjusting lever set wrong. Handling: it is thought that the enterprise set the printer invoice into play only one invoice model. Should in printers on the left side of the al number switch knob to data 3 there, and then with a piece of white paper to cover three parts on the invoice. Invoice to retype it. ( Note: must have 4 white paper with the invoice on the left side of the paper Angle to overlap or corresponding) , or just void this invoice and issue again.

11, invoice printing is not complete, the first league no printed only traces of the second sanlian has information

why: ribbon without the ink way: change the ribbon, the invoice can be heavy, with a piece of white paper to cover three parts to retype it, best directly.

12 sometimes when install the printer, if you are using a case study of original data line printer, printer doesn't work after installed the printer.

the reason: low voltage work leading to unable to drive the printer. Handling: it is recommended to use a USB printer cable to connect.

13 enterprises invoice, the invoice information reverse display (printed on the paper Down) 吗? Reason: to put down when put into the invoice. Solution: this is the enterprise in the print invoices, backwards into the printer paper invoice. The print error invoices are invalid, guiding enterprises put invoice ticket head took a next time. Can.

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