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Copolymer, create development-core Ye to show you the new direction of retail printing


The Chinashop2018 20th China Retail Fair opened in Kunming Dianchi International Exhibition Center on November 1. Since 1999, the retail trade fair has gone through 20 years, as a summary of the past to the future of the retail industry prospects, held the 20th anniversary of the event called "together ahead". Core Ye as exhibitor representatives are also invited to participate in the ceremony.
With the development and maturity of e-commerce, the development of Chinese retail form has also changed from the original traditional offline sales to the new retail with the combination of online and offline. The concepts of wisdom retail, big data retail and immersive experience retail have also been put forward one after another. In the retailing regionalization characteristic is obvious today, the next retail sales 5 years or even 10 years we will grasp the future direction? What challenges will retail face? How should we combine our own development and characteristics to integrate the new trend of retailing innovation?
At the exhibition, the core Ye as a pioneer in the domestic paper industry welcomed a large number of customers and partners. With the rapid development of import and export, tourism and express delivery industry, the paper and electronic sheet market in Southwest China will have a broader market prospect and will become a new growth point in the printing market.
Combined with printing trend and regional market characteristics, the exhibition has brought numerous technology patents and innovative technology products.
Led by XP-TT428, a series of bar code printers to watch the exhibition staff with a surprise. The show brought nearly 60 products, with the most complete product line in China, demonstrating the absolute strength and technical R & D capability in the field of bill printing. Core Ye will continue to take root in the field of bill printing, in bills, bar code, portable, embedded modules to expand investment, lean production, to contribute their own power for the printer industry.
The newest printer technology explanation, the most complete printer product line display, and the most advanced printing development trend has attracted the southwest region and even the surrounding industry customer's high attention. At the exhibition site, core Ye and many agents and customers on regional development, new products agent, technology innovation and other issues for in-depth discussion and exchange.
Cold window sharpening, a swing of fingers. In the field of domestic bill printer, core Ye has always focused on technological innovation with humility and discontentment, grinding every printer with the spirit of craftsman. With the consumption upgrade, the retail industry will usher in more opportunities and challenges, the future is a long way forward, core Ye people are willing to walk with partners across the country.

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