Count 12 pieces of 3 d printers fault _ the exotic equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-05-25

3 d printers common faults:

1. Fill rates set up 100%, print out solid object

graphic solid and hollow is has nothing to do with fill rates, graphics itself is solid to come out of the play will be solid.

2。 Print out solid object

playing out the model of solid and hollow and print software is no relationship, is according to their own painted graphics is a solid type is solid, is hollow out is hollow.

3。 Nozzle clogging, not out of silk, how to deal with the

check whether print the distance between the nozzle and the bottom is not appropriate.

to unclog the nozzle ( Note: the new nozzle is absolutely can't use a wrench into the shower nozzle, simply heating nozzle 230 & deg; Residues will automatically flow) 。

at the same time check whether extrusion machine gear and motor shaft of the motor to turn. Motor gear powder is much, also want to clear up together.

check whether the nozzle spacing is too small, a new calibration platform, at the same time also can consider to increase the temperature of print 5 - Try 10 degrees.

it is important to note that after the nozzle dredging, please must recalibrate platform. Because when using a wrench tong nozzle, may cause the nozzle position downward migration, led to the platform gap is more and more small. The platform spacing is too small, for printing, it is necessary plug wire again!

4。 Print finishing at the top of the model in sintering, wiredrawing phenomenon

the printing parameters set, lower the temperature of nozzle 5 - 10 degrees, nozzle speed can be adjusted to 80 try out silk, silk speed to 100.

5。 Print can't forming, vomit silk like ramen

this case, print platform the spacing of the nozzle and the bottom is too big, please customers a new calibration platform.

6。 Printing process, the machine display garbled words, or flower screen, no content?

if you print the model didn't appear problem, please don't do anything, let the printer to print. After the printing, please shut down, start again, will return to normal. This may be connected to the printer indoor power line no ground wire ( With ground unicom) Cause, can consider to move the machine to the ground wire normal room. It is possible that the weather is dry, caused by the electrostatic screen. This has no effect on the machine itself. If flowers screen print model has errors, direct shutdown, restart the machine again.

7。 Nozzle out silk, silk with hands down according to the wire

the first retreat silk, the nozzle cleaning nozzle heated to 230 degrees, stay inside the nozzle temperature reaches 230 will automatically outflow residue, to check whether the motor of gear due to long time using gear parts wear, such as gear wear can consider to change the motor gear.

8。 Nozzle into silk after send out the voice of a little sound

of issued as a result of feeding wire without a good sound, silk out of the material, check for broken wires inside the motor gear, clear up again into the wire.

9。 Print to X axis dislocation phenomenon in a half

make sure it is offline or online printing, printing offline:

print model mismatch: ( 1) Is there is something wrong with the line or belt machine, 2) Is the motor switch line or the signal interference.

suggest to print a few different models to see more, do not change the new line, check the motor wire plug and belt is loose, check the end, look and print model, if still won't do, can consider to change the new line. Online:

is likely to be affected by abnormal communication, such as communication interrupt suddenly.

10。 Operation panel button failure

to restart the printer, Unplug the power cord and plug in again, then turned on) And after a few seconds, should be able to hear 5 - 6 seconds boot ring, if you hear the bell, that machines can normal boot, then try the operation buttons. If boot couldn't hear the bell, machine does not have the normal start, then can try to click on the printer on the right side of the small black circular RESET button, the system RESET.

if you still can't normal start the machine and provide a new mainboard to replace; If can't solve, please consider to contact customer service return to factory maintenance.

11。 Printer cannot be started, the display shows two rows of bar code

to restart the printer, Unplug the power cord and plug in again, then turned on) To see whether return to normal? If not, click on the printer on the right side of the small black circular RESET button, the system RESET.

12。 Printing process, the display shows NA and printer stop working

first show NA because nozzle can't heating, can check whether the plug nozzle and hotline under is loose, such as checked or not heat, can contact after add hotline to do a professional document comprehensive check, if still can't heating after the inspection, need to replace the nozzle and hotline.

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