Electronic surface single-phase than traditional single what advantage is there? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-24
Electronic surface, it is to point to use adhesive thermal paper, in accordance with the regulations of the logistics company to print customer receiving information of single package. The current electronic surface has been used successfully for many years in foreign countries, and in the domestic, jingdong, dangdang, Yi Xun, shop no. 1 from the early stages of self-built using electronic surface. With the e-commerce platform and logistics informatization rapid development, the traditional quad paper surface single due to the high price, low efficiency of information input, disadvantage in aspects of information security hidden danger has been drifting away. Electronic surface, by contrast, with strong advantages in the process of delivery, transport and distribution of an electric and express enterprise access to the domestic to its attention. Electronic surface, then, what is the advantage to make these electrical goods brand do count? 1, more efficient electronic surface singles than paper surface single efficiency increases 60% 90%, can print thousands of copies per hour. Efficient playing single greatly alleviate the pressure of the electricity business clients such as mass hit single, easy to deal with large presses, avoid poor equipment losing customers. Compared with the traditional paper surface single electron surface single surface via the thermal paper, thermal printer list of print, no copy, only ShangXiaLian. As a printing error or thermal waybill damage, etc. , loss of heat-sensitive paper only, won't cause waybill overall damage, still can use the waybill number, to ensure the delivery company and the interests of the salesman. 2, cheaper electronic surface single cost than traditional paper surface and reduce more than 5 times, reduce the express company operation cost. Simplify the delivery record of single process, improve the sorting efficiency of distribution center, enhance express processing efficiency, make the automatic sorting and other equipments with high technical content to be put into use, providing technical basis for industrial upgrading; 3, consumer privacy information security through the bar code to hide the recipient's privacy information, avoid the consumer personal privacy.
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