epicor(r) bolsters flagship retail store suite, adding new features, improved scalability and flexibility

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Perspective 2010--
Epicor SoftwareNASDAQ: EPIC)
As a leading enterprise commercial software solution provider for mid-market and 1000 companies worldwide, today released the latest version of the company\'s flagship Epicor Retail store suite, which acts as a key point --of-Sale (POS)
The backbone of the large and growing number of specialty, mass goods and department store retailers.
The latest release of retail stores 6.
3 provides new features designed to enhance the customer\'s shopping experience, increase store productivity and transaction security, while technology enhancements enable retailers to take advantage of new standards in terms of speed, scalability and flexibility, it also supports key business initiatives such as virtualization and peripheral management.
Today\'s retail environment is full of challenges,
Consumer spending may fall, but demand and expectations are higher than ever, prompting retailers to focus on improving the customer experience to attract and retain customers and improve efficiency, executive Vice President, Retail software, epicor.
\"Retail outlets in Epicorof-
The sales system has always been the focus of the retail business, and now with new innovative features and features, it is a more valuable tool to help retailers meet the most stringent customer and store requirements.
\"Enhance the customer shopping experience of store 6.
Enable retailers to enhance their shopping experience-
Even across borders.
These include integration with enterprise sales orders, user interfaces, and messaging to support real-time
Time visibility into inventory throughout the chain, and the ability to keep items for pick-up or shipping to customers. New Cross-
The national return function allows the purchase of goods in one country/currency and return them in a different currency.
This includes converting the value to the value of the local currency and applying the original tax or local tax value.
Complementary features can be found in Epicor\'s foreign exchange rate tool, which manages the exchange rate of the store or store group. Store 6.
3 also provides retailers with the ability to quickly and easily send digital receipts directly from POS terminals, so they can view, store and access from the customer\'s selected devices.
The new features promote the security of transactions. Several new features meet the retailer\'s demand for transaction security. Store 6.
3 integrated Epicor secure data manager for integrated payment-
Processing, authorization and settlement based on payment card security compliance.
The solution now also provides chips. and-
Pin pos support enables retailers to process credit and debit cards containing embedded microchips and then authenticate automatically using a personal identification number.
Epicor is a U that uses the biological POS sign to integrate with DigitalPersona. r.
Fingerprint recognition technology
With this solution, retailers can use fingerprint identification for user authentication, transaction manager authorization and employee timing activities to reduce unauthorized coverage and \"friend punching \"---
Reduce transaction time and fraud.
Simpler, smarter point of sale add-on new features to support smarter point of sale-of-
Simplify sales of transactions for store staff and customers.
These include predictive bidding, which reduces the number of key strokes required to process cash exchanges by predicting the most likely bid amount.
The new store messaging feature provides the ability to send messages from headquarters to store personnel in individual stores or store groups.
The new version also provides some enhancements designed to simplify the management and execution of tasks
Important POS activities.
The POS printer sharing feature enables retailers to maximize the use of printers from multiple access points, enabling email printing from mobile devices, standard registers, and/or transaction receipts, by eliminating the need for dedicated mobile printers, help retailers reduce the cost of mobile investment in stores.
It also includes support for signature capture of handheld terminals, as well as the adoption of POS.
NET, simplifies and simplifies communication with POS peripherals such as barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, and receipt printers.
The new version works with advances in technology to improve the scalability, flexibility and ease of implementation and support of applications. Store 6.
NET Framework and Windows Communication Foundation for exchanging business logic and executing services (WCF)
, Which simplifies communication between services or between physical deployment layers.
Support for Windows 2008 operating system, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database, and 64-
Retailers can improve speed and system responsiveness.
Support industry-leading virtualization packages--
VMware Server 2. 0.
2. Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and virtual box 3. 2 --
Retailers can rest assured that their POS environment complements their virtualization strategy, so they can achieve benefits such as maximizing hardware resources, increasing scalability and system redundancy, supporting simplification and cost reduction.
Kim Akers, managing director of Microsoft\'s global partners, said: \"Partners like Epicor share our vision to simplify and simplify the management of retailer POS systems . \"
\"Technology like our POS.
NET and Windows communication bases are designed to simplify communication between service point peripherals such as barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, receipt printers, etc.
Epicor is using the technology to provide a store solution for its retail customers, enabling store staff to streamline processes and increase productivity.
6. the availability and language support of the store.
3 is expected to be available in general in November 2010 to support English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, as well as simplified Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese.
Today, many of the world\'s leading retailers use Epicor Retail solutions and services to increase profits, productivity, and competition.
The solution of Epicor and.
NET Framework to improve business operations to meet today\'s changing commodity and service expectations across sectors
Channel shoppers.
Epicor offers comprehensive retail management solutions for businesses at all levels-
Global brands from regional chains to multiple channels.
Retail customers include hundreds of well-known brands ranging from a é ropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, Ann Taylor to Zales and Zumiez.
Epicor has more than 800 employees in retail
Focus on operations.
About Epicor Software company Epicor Software is a global leader in providing commercial Software solutions for the manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality and service industries.
Epicor has 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries, providing integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
And enterprise retail software solutions that enable companies to improve efficiency and profitability.
Founded in 1984, Epicor\'s 25-year technological innovation provides businesses with business solutions that enhance the scalability and flexibility they need to compete.
Epicor provides a comprehensive service with a single point of accountability, whether operating business locally, regionally or globally, to facilitate rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.
Headquartered in Irvine, California, the company has offices and affiliates around the world.
For more information, please visit www. epicor. com.
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The actual results may differ materially from the results expressed or implied in the forwarding
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These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, changes in the demand for Epicor products;
Timely availability and market acceptance of new products and upgrades;
The impact of competitive products and pricing;
Discovery of undiscovered software errors;
Changes in the financial position of Epicor customers;
Other factors discussed in Epicor\'s annual report on table 10
Quarterly Report for K and table 10 for the year ended December 31, 2009
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Due to these factors, the business or prospects anticipated by Epicor as part of this announcement may not occur.
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