Extend the life of the adhesive printer 10 ways of _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-25
Bar code printing head is precision parts in the bar code printer, is also the fragile devices. General manufacturer's warranty period is 3 months or 30 kilometers, is based on first come, so reasonable and appropriate preventive maintenance and good print head, multiplying of prolonging the life of the bar code printer, can reduce the use cost, especially for high-end industrial machine, the cost is greatly reduced. Underneath, small make up can sort out 10 effective method of prolonging the service life of the bar code printer, hope to be able to help to the general public: 1, the print head back to use the high quality for a smooth layer heat transfer carbon belt to reduce the friction with membrane. 2, try to reduce the print head pressure and temperature printing. 3, ensure the ribbon width is wider than the label to prevent exposure to the print head labeled bruises. 4, good printing the back cover printer dust cover, often the printer maintenance. 5, the print label paper, don't print put too long, easy to static electricity. 6, use after a period of time, use of alcohol cotton viscose alcohol, cleaning the print head ( The one in the dark, dark) Again, pay attention to wipe after, be sure to dry printing. 7, gently blows away the printing device, paper roller, labels, such as pressure sensors, carbon with sensors, and the dust in the print head and fiber powder crumbs. Don't use any hard, made of metal, abrasive tools, Such as a screwdriver) To remove the produce in the print head sticky dirt or other debris. 8, using a dip in a solvent ( Concentration of more than 95% of the alcohol) Clean pen or cotton swabs, the front end of the hold cleaning sign to make it close to the print head and consistently from side to side to wipe the print head, you repeat the steps until the sign no longer clean blot emerges. 9, paper roller rotation pressure, remove the dust on the pressure paper roller, you repeat the steps until the sign no longer clean blot emerges. 10, ensure the carbon belt width is wide than label, print the carbon belt cover on the opposite side of the label paper, in order to prevent exposure to the print head labeled bruises. How to judge whether bar code printing head broken needle? Drawing a with bold lines printed on the label, such as line 10 mm thick, and then use the barcode printer to print, if there is a sharp white line, can determine the print head has been commonly appear breakage phenomenon!
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