GP - 2120 tf driver installation and using document _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-24

GP - 2120 tf machine with drive, from your computer without drive, plug in cable, switch on the printer, computer will popup U disk, open the driver in the U dish, driver support Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows, Windows 10, if your computer cannot find U disk, please http://www here. gainscha。 com/ser. Asp, download GP - 58762' Barcode series driver, unzip the installation after the download is complete, if you want to print label, please select GP - in installation process 2120特遣部队( The label) , and select the USB interface, installation, as shown in the figure below:

GP - Support 2120 tf labels and paper print mode, the machine factory default label model. Before start printing, please make sure the printer work on what you need model, and install the correct driver.

using the tag mode, please install the driver GP - 2120特遣部队( The label) And load the non-drying label paper, at the same time set for label printer model.

use paper pattern, please install the driver GP - 2120特遣部队( Notes) And load thermal paper receipts, at the same time, the printer is set to paper pattern.

print mode switch description:

please turn it off, and hold the FEED and PAUSE two keys to boot, hear the buzzer sounded, the machine will automatically the paper and print out the current print mode, such as display paper to print bills, such as display label can print labels, repeat the above operation, you can switch between paper models and labels.

if need print label, please http://www here. gainscha。 com/ser. Asp download Gprinter tag editing software. After the installation is complete, open the software design of the label size and content;

1, file & ndash;> New ( The following figure:)

2, select printer Gprinter 2120 tf ( The label)

3, depending on the printed label size choose the length and width, column spacing is set to 0 mm, leading to label, the gap width between the average of 2 mm.

if in the use of GP - 2120 tf label printing process such as a dozen a label out a blank label, please click on the left upper corner of the editing software file, select print, will pop up a window, the diagram below:

click the printer properties to enter

click advanced Settings, and other information remains the same, there is a other advanced Settings below, the spacing between 0. 3 cm to 0. 2 cm, click close.

if you have any other problems in use process, can contact us directly, service hotline: 400 - 811 - 0380. Jia bo printing, the printing in the future.

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