How many xprinter 58mm are produced by Xprinter per month?
Overall, the output of xprinter 58mm in Xprinter Group is stable every month. However, it may change depending on the season (peak or off-season). Monthly production may vary when there are various sizes or colors. Our manufacturing is flexible. It is adjustable if there is an urgent request.

In all aspects of panel printer design and production, Xprinter has become a leader in the industry. receipt printer produced by Xprinter is very popular in the market. The product can light up instantly. Its high-intensity illuminating elements can not only withstand the impact of instantaneous current but also enter the normal working state for the first time. Featuring user-friendly design, it is easy to operate with excellent printing effect. The product helps make life or work easier in some respects. It means that people don't have to take too many efforts to finish their work or enjoy a high level of living standard. Any logos or brand information can be customized and printed on the item.

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