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How this feature save your cost ?

How this feature save your cost ?


We has devoted to develop thermal printer coming with ease use experience for consumers. For example , an easy configuration will help to save lots of time.

To promote the satisfactories among our customers, we introduce a good feature that helps you to save thermal paper, that is to say, saving your cost.

How to set up ?

1.Connect your printer to your desktop and install Xprinter Test Tool for Receipt Printer;

2.Click "Advanced" to enter next step (shown as below);

3.Click"Set Paper saving" to enter next step;

4.You can adjust the specification according to your demands, here we will go to "75%", then click "Apply to Printer";

Now you can compare the difference between the below printed receipts.

The left one is obviously saving more papers. And this feature is available in most of our 80 mm receipt printers.


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