Interpretation of the thermal printer is illegible reason _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-07-05
The working principle of thermal printer is equipped with print head semiconductor heating elements, the print head heat and contact thermal printing paper can print out the need to design, the principle is similar to thermal fax machines. Is the image by heating, chemical reaction and generated in the film. The thermal printer chemical reaction is conducted in a certain temperature. High temperature may accelerate the chemical reaction. When the temperature is lower than 60 ℃, the paper takes quite long, even for a few years time to become dark; When temperature is 200 ℃, this will be done within a few microseconds. Thermal printer illegible reasons: 1, the power adapter is not in conformity with the requirements. Can't make the thermal printer producing right of power semiconductor devices, discoloring the thermal paper; 2 do not conform to the requirements of the thermal printers, thermal paper thickness. Paper and printing roller gap is too big. Thermal printer semiconductor devices and the thermal paper cannot close contact; 3, poor thermal paper, uneven chemical coating or coating low thermal sensitivity, thermal printer energies of semiconductor devices cannot or is not enough to make a change; 4, thermal printing machine aging, thermal resistance to change. Energy of smaller specific voltage, thus not discoloring the thermal paper.
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