Introduction to connect wireless print server method _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-18

wireless manufacturer told us that the print server, print server is the server, but the network print server appearance and the people imagine is quite different from the server. Network print server points and built-in two kinds, a built-in network print server and network printers commonly sold packaged together, which is the major printer manufacturers sell network printer. And outside buy network print server is designed to have bought a printer users.

introduction to connect wireless print server methods:

now, many companies have bought wireless print server, it can be received on the printer, computer through a wireless network can directly to send the document to the printer. This way of printing compared with traditional wired print is more convenient.

ordinary printer is through LPT or USB connection to a computer, so the corresponding wireless print server also has this two kinds of different interface, can be installed to the corresponding printer, because the price of the print server is not expensive, so the cost is relatively low, the scheme has a printer with wireless print server, you can upgrade to the wireless print mode. When using, the first wireless print server installed to the printer interface, and then to print server and wireless printer connected to the power supply. Hardware installation is complete, the other is software Settings.

if network the computers have the capacity of wireless communications, then on each computer to install the driver for the wireless print server, can print documents. If there is some computer in the network can only through the cable network, it is best to configure a wireless AP, all computer through wireless AP connected to the Internet first. Because wireless print server TCP/IP communication ability, so in any computer can use IP address to access the wireless print server, and then through the wireless print server printing procedures, user on the computer can send the document to the printer to print.

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