Knowledge: how to adjust the advertising printer ink thickness? Look here to teach you _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2023-08-24

how to adjust the advertising printer ink thickness? How to change, specific methods have? Here to explain to you.

usually, domestic advertising printer is four color commonly, industrial equipment standard is six, eight color color. Adjust the thickness of the ink basically see three factors.

the first is the type of material and color, if the surface of the material is relatively soft, the gap is bigger, and the material of the base of color is deeper, you will need to increase 20% 40% of the amount of ink;

the second is to look at the picture, if the picture color is deeper, require more gorgeous color, also need to appropriately increase the thickness of the ink;

finally depends on the special requirements, if the pursuit of anaglyph 3 d effect, more need to increase the thickness of the ink. To change the thickness of the ink, can use the following method.

above for printing 3 d relief effect case

in the percentage of the amount can be set in the ink-jet printing software, can set up to print the number of times, so as to change the thickness of the ink. The benefits, on the one hand can save ink, on the other hand can promote the quality of the print.

set advertising printer ink thickness, a auxiliary function is the percentage of the feather. Usually at 0% 200%, if the system printed pattern is more exquisite, color more rich, you will need to open function of the feather, the greater the value, the effect of the print, the better, the same, will reduce the speed of the production, according to the user's actual needs.

it is important to note that advertising, setting up the printer ink thickness is not thick, the more the more good, also if set unreasonable, will affect the color of the print quality. So according to the need to set up.

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