Mainly talks about the installation steps for paper printer _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-24
Label printer USES is very wide, so much so that cannot list, due to the modern people more and more high demand for the living environment, the design grade of paper printer has been the attention of people. Introduction to the paper printer installation steps: paper printers and normal printer installation steps: first determine the printer on the power cord is normal electricity to the printer, Specific can see some power on the printer) have no light Said, the simple point is after printer on electricity, press the switch, printer printer have no action. If have no action, just look at the socket after have no electricity, such as; Determine the printer can live, and then, put the printer cable plugged into the printer, on the other side are generally of the USB port, this a head of inserted on computer USB, personal advice it is best to insert the USB port on the back of the main box; After insert, general computer desk below the lower right corner will be prompt to find new hardware within; If not found, you can check whether your computer related Settings or printer has no electricity, or data line contact are in good condition! Then is put away the paper; And then in computers set up! Premise is the desktop at the bottom right already has some hints, for example to find new hardware within; If you have this kind of hint means, the computer has found a new hardware, now need to do is install the printer driver.
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