Manufacturing enterprises how to choose a bar code printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-24
Manufacturing enterprises need the outer packing, many of them needs to be done on the outer packing specifications with the serial number identification, this time will be mentioned barcode printer ( Also known as the label printer, Taiwan is called bar code printing machine) , but I don't know how should choose what brand, specifications, coupled with the sellers for their own profit will often provide some higher products, so that these enterprises to choose products is not necessarily the most suitable for your company's products. Here, we simply introduce a few big choice direction of bar code printer. Bar code printer is mainly divided into small desktop machine ( Also known as commercial type) With the addition to the printer. Business model is suitable for office, small clothing factory, perform a smaller occasions business model adopted by the mechanical structure of the main bar code printer is given priority to with plastic components, there are considerable advantages in price, about 1000 - general 2000 yuan. The need of printing and strict working environment, industrial products usually adopt more metal parts and higher configuration, durability and stability is greatly superior to commercial products, the printing speed is much faster. For the use of bar code printer load, not a very precise line, according to our sales and use experience to judge: 1, 1000 - every day About 2000 copies of label printing, suggest that choose commercial type machine; 2, 2000 - every day About 5000 copies of label printing, suggest consider to choose dual-purpose barcode printers for industry and commerce; 3, 5000 - every day About 20000 copies of label printing, suggest consider to choose standard industrial bar code printer. 4, more than 20000 copies a day label printing, known as a large number of printing, heavy type high speed bar code printer is a suggested alternative. Of course, under the same load is chosen industrial printing service life is longer. About the label printing precision ( Commonly known as for print resolution or accuracy) Bar code printer by printing precision to differentiate, basically have 203 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi. Compared with the 203 dpi barcode label printing machine, 300 dpi and 600 dpi bar code printer is about expensive about one to two times even more times. In general, if you are mainly used for printing ordinary adhesive labels, dumb silver stickers or certificate, suggest you go up to 203 dpi machine; If you need a very clear printing effect, especially hope there can be no obvious font print burrs, or need to print some smaller words or patterns, so, it is recommended that you'd better buy printed in 300 dpi or more clear 600 dpi precision machine, but the corresponding purchasing cost is increased, the need to customers to measure their purchasing cost. Garment industry, for example, sometimes need to print some smaller text and washing symbols, if is a machine 200 points, with poor print resolution will or can't see clearly, intuitively, products and reputation to customers has decreased a lot. Similarly, in precision electronics manufacturing industry, need to print small words or long digital bar code, 300 dpi or more clear also recommended 600 dpi barcode printing machine. Way to print bar code printer from the print label in principle, can be divided into two kinds of, thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. Thermal printer transmission mechanism is simple and direct effects on thermal paper, handwriting to save time is shorter, the playing of the box is very suitable for retail areas, such as printing computer receipts. And thermal transfer printer is usually also support thermal print, more universal, more importantly, thermal transfer is through the print head to a high temperature carbon carbon powder thermal transfer to label media, handwriting stored for a long time, suitable for the need of industrial manufacturing, so the application of thermal transfer mode is more extensive. Spare parts and consumables costs in addition to want to consider the price of the machine itself, also consider consumables and parts ( Mainly the print head) The price of. The print head is the wearing parts in bar code printers, print on all sorts of unpredictable printing material, or the effects of the operating environment, can lead to the print head injury, it is recommended that you find like chongqing Ming si g powerful barcode equipment dealers, to buy or bar code printer maintenance, don't wait to finish the print head wear, need to replace the print head, only to find that it is hard to find a supply of goods or the price is too expensive. Printing consumables, must need to use the label material for environmental protection, clean and matching belt with carbon and must choose large cutting factory production of adhesive labels with carbon belt, chongqing Ming si g company has been committed to the barcode printers dedicated research and development, the production of self-adhesive label paper, can be customized according to the requirements of various materials, specifications of the bar code label. In the process of long-term label production has accumulated rich experience, the company has large-scale factories, production from the label printing, label printing and printing equipment maintenance, maintenance and a series of links for the customer provides the omni-directional security services, is a good manufacturer of barcode sticker paper choice! Other issues need to pay attention to if the actual work need to print a large number of data from the database, had better choose memory larger industrial products; If the information in the database contains Chinese characters, should consider to choose this model can download Chinese characters to the machine in memory. If the print medium variety is more, especially print tag, interval type label paper roll, must choose to label barcode printing model of the sensor can be moved, convenient and flexible positioning, in addition, consider whether you need print media additional details such as stents.
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