Mobile POS printer paper installation steps guide _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-23
A, Pos machine is using a thermal paper, its installation method and thermal paper fax machine installation method. What is the thermal paper? 1, the thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermosensitive paper, thermal transfer printing paper, is called thermal carbon paper in Taiwan. Thermal paper is a kind of processing of paper, and its manufacture principle is on the high quality base paper coating a layer of heat sensitive coating ( Polychromatic layer) 。 2, thermal paper fax machines, pos machines as text and graphic communication carrier, namely as a fax paper, ticket receipts, in medical treatment, meter measurement and control system for recording materials, such as electrocardiograph, thermal instrument recording paper, etc. Second, the mobile pos machine installation method of thermal paper is as follows: ( A) 1, put the whole cheese in the slot. 2, pay attention to the head of a paper to stick trough bottom out, left the redundant paper pulled outside. Cover up and cover. 3, the paper was completed, such as can not confirm, just put in the outside of the plow up piece of paper, with a nail on a piece of paper, can draw black marks is installed correctly. ( 2) 1, needle dozen, the printing paper. 2, a handstand reverse inserted into the printer at the top of the hole. 3, counterclockwise rotation POS on the left side of the wheel ( Some POS have feed button, need to hold the line) 。 4, the paper will be out of a paper hole below, of a word are attention to oneself, pack good just the way they are. Pos are generally simple paper, on the whole is simpler, open the cover of the printing part, put in the paper and then pressed built in place.
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