Mobile Printers: Empowering Sales Teams on the Field

by:Xprinter     2023-07-05

The sales landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Traditional methods of selling products and services face stiff competition from more modern techniques. One of the primary shifts in sales methods is the rise of mobile sales teams.

Today, sales representatives don't rely on company offices to get their job done. Instead, they work on the ground, visiting clients at their homes, workstations, or even coffee shops. This shift in strategy was made possible by advancements in mobile technology, specifically mobile printers.

Mobile printers are compact, wireless-enabled devices that enable sales teams to print documents on the go. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, to accommodate various printing requirements. For instance, some mobile printers can print receipts, while others produce borderless, high-quality imagery.

In this article, we explore how mobile printers have empowered sales teams on the field, through insights gathered from experts in the sales and printing industry.

1. Mobile printers improve customer experience

One of the primary benefits of mobile printers, according to Wendy Kensler, a Senior Sales Executive, is the improvement in customer experience. Previously, sales representatives had to wait until they got back to the office to print agreements, receipts, or invoices. However, with a mobile printer, they can produce these documents on the spot.

The immediate printing of documents makes clients feel more secure, knowing that their transaction is documented. It also saves time, as clients don't have to waste time waiting for the sales agent to get back to his office to print the document. Wendy Kensler notes that clients perceive sales representatives who print documents onsite as being more professional and organized, leading to an increase in trust.

2. Mobile printers improve efficiency

Another benefit of mobile printers is that they improve the efficiency of sales teams. With mobile printers, sales representatives don't have to waste time waiting for an agreement to be printed back at the office. This, in turn, reduces the amount of time spent in transit or between appointments.

Mobile printers also improve the speed at which a deal is closed. Since sales representatives can print documents instantly, they can close a deal immediately, without having to follow up later. This immediacy naturally leads to more sales and increased revenue.

3. Mobile printers reduce paperwork

Sales representatives can accumulate a lot of paperwork over time. Each deal closed results in numerous documents that must be organized and filed. This paper trail can become overwhelming for the sales representative.

However, with mobile printers, sales representatives can print only the documents they need at the moment. As a result, there is less paperwork to handle and organize later. Additionally, mobile printers can print digital documents, effectively reducing the need for bulky paper documents.

4. Mobile printers increase mobility

Mobile sales teams are all about mobility and flexibility. The ability to work remotely and on the go is a significant advantage in sales. With mobile printers, sales representatives can increase their mobility, allowing them to work from anywhere.

This increased mobility translates to increased productivity as well. Sales representatives can work longer hours and take on more appointments, now that they can print and complete transactions from anywhere. Additionally, mobile printers can be battery-powered, meaning they are not limited to locations with power outlets.

5. Mobile printers improve branding

Finally, Wendy Kensler notes that mobile printers can also improve a company's branding. Sales representatives can print receipts, invoices, or agreements with their company's logo prominently displayed on them. This reinforces the company's brand in the mind of the client, leading to increased brand recognition and loyalty.

Additionally, sales representatives who print documents on the spot have a professional edge over those who don't. By presenting documents with their company's branding, they elevate the company's image in the eyes of the client.

In conclusion, mobile printers are a must-have tool for sales teams on the field. They improve customer experience, increase efficiency, reduce paperwork, increase mobility, and improve branding. With these benefits, sales representatives are more productive, make more sales, and close deals effortlessly. Companies that invest in mobile printers for their sales teams will see an immediate and significant boost in sales and revenue.

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