Mobile Printers vs. Traditional Printers: Which is Right for You?

by:Xprinter     2023-07-06

Mobile Printers vs. Traditional Printers: Which is Right for You?

In this day and age, printers have become a necessity for every household and office. It is essential to consider the use of the printer, the cost, and the size when choosing between a mobile printer and a traditional printer. Although traditional printers have been a staple in every establishment, mobile printers are gradually becoming a popular option due to their convenience. In this article, we will break down the key differences between the two and hopefully help you decide which is right for you.

1. Convenience and Portability

One of the significant differences between mobile printers and traditional printers is the convenience and portability of mobile printers. Mobile printers are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to move around the house or office. They are portable, enabling us to bring them outside or on business trips.

On the other hand, traditional printers are bulky and stationary. You can’t carry them around like a mobile printer, making them less flexible. You will need to set aside an area in the house or office for the printer. However, if you have a lot of printing to do in one area, then a traditional printer is the right choice as it is more efficient.

2. Printing Quality and Speed

A traditional printer usually prints better quality prints than mobile printers. Traditional printers use toner or ink cartridges, while mobile printers sometimes use “all-in-one” cartridges. This means that prints of photos and graphic designs on a mobile printer may not be as clear as they are on a traditional printer.

Moreover, a traditional printer can print more ink per page than a mobile printer, which means more prints can be produced in less time. Speed is also vital in a fast-paced environment. A traditional printer can produce up to 20 pages per minute, while mobile printers only produce around 4-5 pages per minute.

3. Connectivity

The connectivity of printers has become an essential feature for printers. Most mobile printers come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC capabilities, enabling us to print directly from our mobile phones and tablets without having to connect any cables. This is beneficial as most people use their mobile devices more frequently than their computer.

Traditional printers must be connected to a computer using cables, which can be limiting to some people. However, traditional printers can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, ensuring the ease of printing without having to connect any cables physically.

4. Cost

When buying printers, the price is crucial. Traditional printers are more expensive than mobile printers, but they are also packed with more features. They have more extended durability and produce better prints. Ink cartridges for traditional printers may be costly, but they last longer than mobile printer ink cartridges.

Mobile printers are less expensive than traditional printers. They offer printing features like traditional printers, but the quality of prints is lower. Ink cartridges for mobile printers are also cheaper but have a shorter life span.

5. Power Source

One consideration in choosing a printer is the power source. Mobile printers usually have a built-in battery source, enabling us to print even when there is no electricity. They can be charged via USB cable, which is convenient when traveling.

Traditional printers must be plugged into an outlet all the time to work, making them less flexible. During a power outage, they cannot be used. However, some traditional printers have battery packs that can be bought separately, but it can be costly.


The decision between a mobile printer and a traditional printer is highly subjective and will depend on your individual needs. If you need to print frequently and with high-quality prints, then a traditional printer is for you. If you are always on the move and only need to print occasionally, then a mobile printer will suit your needs. Always consider the cost, quality, connectivity, power source, and convenience in choosing which printer to buy.

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