One of the ten famous brands in domestic market bar code printer is introduced _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-06-09
Bar code printer is a kind of special printers, usually used for barcode logo, clothing tag, packaging, paper label printing, etc. Need to use bar code printer company wants to know, what are the brand bar code printer? Bar code printer which brand is very good? Below small make up take you a to get to know the bar code printer ten big brands in the domestic market. 1 Zebra Zebra, Zebra Zebra bar code printer bar code printer is manufactured by Zebra technology company, in 100 countries around the world for the company to improve the use and safe use to supply innovative and reliable on-demand printing solution. Zebra Zebra barcode printers are widely used in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics and transport industries, enhance the safety and quality, reduce costs and improve customer service. Its rare types have a Zebra ZM400, Zebra Z4M, 105 sl 888 tt Zebra, Zebra, Zebra GT800, Zebra ZM600, Zebra S4M, etc. 2, TSC barcode printers TSC barcode printers is by the Taiwan semiconductor co. , LTD. , developing and manufacturing. TSC from 2007 to enter the bar code label printer, before do semiconductor chips. Because in the category of chip seiko spy, the use of sensors, electronic chips, used in bar code printer, make the printer is more astonishing. Its rare types have TSC TTP - 268 m / 366 m, TSC TTP - 244 +,TSC T200一样,TSC B - Series, TSC TTP - 200 243 e Pro, TSC TTP - 公元244年,TSC TDP - 247, etc. 3, TEC Toshiba barcode printer TEC barcode printers are by Toshiba company owned by Toshiba tiger information system co. , LTD. , research and production, it is the label printer industry authority of the company. TEC Toshiba barcode printers, barcode printer function to a higher level, it is overloaded industries including chemical industry, textile industry, electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry such as supply better service. See more types: TEC - B SX5T TEC B - SA4TM- TS12仍然TEC B— 852, etc. 4, Argox like bar code printer stood like a bar code printer made by Taiwan serves as science and technology research and development, its original Argox brand produce sells a full range of barcode goods widely in more than 70 countries around the world. As automatically recognized industry leading brands of goods and services and solutions suppliers, is famous for the supply of all Asia bar code products and peripheral equipment manufacturers. Stand like a bar code printer is widely used in postal, health care, clothes, shoes, jewelry, hardware, manufacturing, logistics and other industries. Its rare types: ARGOX R - 600年,ARGOX R - 400年,ARGOX X - 3200年,ARGOX OS - 2140年,ARGOX - 150年,ARGOX CP - 2140 and five, Godex section cheng barcode printer Godex section bar code printer is developed by Taiwan branch shing co. , LTD. , it is extremely competitive label printer company, professional design and production of bar code label printer manufacturers. Its rare types: GODEX EZ - 1300plus仍然GODEX EZ— 2200plus仍然GODEX EZ— 6300plus仍然GODEX EZ— 1105年,GODEX G500 - U, etc. 6, SATO SATO SATO SATO bar code printer bar code printer is a Japanese brand of barcode. Japan SATO was founded in 1940, is a integrated active identification and data collection career forward and lead the company, for customers to identify the demand and inventory for supply useful solutions. Its rare types: SATO LM412E, SATO CL608E, SATO CL412E, SATO LM408E, SATO CL612E, SATO GT 7, Datamax dimas bar code printer Datamax dimas bar code printer is developed by Datamax company produces, it is a bar code and RFID printing solution is known for its suppliers, the world's largest supplier of bar code printer. Its rare types: DATAMAX I - 4210年,DATAMAX我- 4406年,DATAMAX M - 4210 MARK2 DATAMAX M - 4206 MARK2 DATAMAX E - 4304 e MARK, etc. 8, Avery Alice bar code printer Alice bar code printer can print on any materials of different content, different number of tags. Widely used in food, cosmetic, textile, medicine, trade, professional production of industrial and other different. Eli label materials as well as the consumer goods supply pressure sensitive technology and active paste solution, is a global leader. 9, SNBC new beiyang barcode printer SNBC new beiyang barcode printers by co. , LTD. Shandong new beiyang information skills development. New beiyang be engaged in the development of special printers and related products, production, sale and service, is the only through self-reliance made different grasp special printer center design, production skills and form a large-scale production of the company. 10, Intermec yi teng mai bar code printer Intermec yi teng mai barcode printers by yi teng company to develop production, it is the leader in automatic identification, and the world in all solutions proactively identify supply company, founded in 1966, the scope of automatic identification with a lot of important skills to create and vision, leadership and promote the use of active around the world to identify the skills and development.
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