Overview of thermal paper with what principle _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-10
Thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermosensitive paper, thermal transfer printing paper, is called thermal carbon paper in Taiwan. Thermal paper is a kind of processing of paper, and its manufacture principle is on the high quality base paper coating a layer of heat sensitive coating ( Polychromatic layer) 。 Although chemicals used for this color layer has a dozen, but at least the following compounds: colorless dye, the dye varieties, is the most commonly used fluorescent compounds; Chromogenic agent accounted for about 20% of the following, the commonly used with bisphenol a, p-hydroxy benzoic acid; Sensitizer accounted for about 10% of the following, it contains benzene sulfonic acid amide compounds; Packing accounted for about 50% of the following, the commonly used calcium carbonate ( Particles) ; Adhesive accounted for about 10% of the following, such as poly (vinyl acetate; Stabilizing agent, such as the phthalate benzoyl; Lubricants, etc. So the process is difficult, high technical requirements. Thermal paper, the principle of thermal paper were placed above 70 ℃ environment, thermal coating began to change color. The discoloration of reason from the composition of it. The thermal component of thermal paper coating are mainly two kinds: one kind is colorless dye or leuco dye; Another is the chromogenic agent. This type of thermal paper also referred to as the bi-component chemical type thermal recording paper. Commonly used as a colorless dye is mainly: three alkyl benzene armour phthalide system of crystal violet lactone ( CVL) , fluorane system, colorless benzoyl methylene blue ( BLMB) Or screw pyran system, etc. Commonly used dispersant mainly: polyvinyl alcohol - L GL - 3266, polyvinyl alcohol 05, polyvinyl alcohol, KL - 03 ( Japan synthetic chemistry to produce) 。 Commonly used top coating and bottom coating additives mainly: gohsefimer Z - T - 200, polyvinyl alcohol N - 350, polyvinyl alcohol 300. Is commonly used as the main agent: para hydroxy benzoic acid and its esters ( PHBB、PHB) , salicylic acid, 2, 4 - Dihydroxy benzoic acid or aromatic sulfones material. Thermal paper after heated colorless dye color react with chromogenic agent, so the use of thermal paper receives signals on the fax machine to print or direct thermal printer to print, graphic display. There are many ways to being used as a colorless dye varieties, appeared so handwriting has different color, blue, purple, black, etc.
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