Sc paper printer paper _ the kinds of printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-08
Paper print types and function of printer paper paper, on the quality of the print is very large, especially when using high resolution inkjet printer, the difference between ordinary paper and special paper. Inkjet printer manufacturer specializing in the production of the high resolution of printing paper, fiber close, can effectively inhibit infiltration phenomenon of ink, paper, color white, high reflectivity and the printer can be the advantage of high resolution developed to get incisively and vividly. With the further development of computer application, as one of the most common information recording medium, printing paper demand is rising rapidly. Currently on the market a lot of types of printing paper, common are: stylus printer with paper: continuous format printing paper, multi-layer paper, high-speed printing paper, colored paper, computer special typing waxed paper, etc. Inkjet printer with paper: opaque inkjet paper, translucent inkjet paper ( Copy of engineering) , transparent, inkjet film, Shanghai juji inkjet paper, inkjet canvas, blockbuster, color inkjet paper color pictures of advertising inkjet paper, special paper, special paper luster, ultra Shanghai juji linen paper ( Dermatoglyph paper, wood grain paper) Spray, standard color paper, back film ( Advertisements with) And so on; Laser printers use paper: transparent/single MAO film, helium tube laser typesetting, red semiconductor laser typesetting pills, infrared laser typesetting, printing film, laser offset plate.
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