Self-inspection is to shut down the process of the micro printer power _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2023-08-22

in the printing process, the micro printer error suddenly, characterized by a red indicator, the LCD screen appear error may cause: ribbon, label paper, or detecting head appear problem, please come out one by one, the driver of some Settings do not agree with the micro printer Settings, an error occurs, use the inappropriate driver, please contact the supplier and reinstall the correct micro printer driver.

power light is not bright when the phone is switched on to check whether the power plug plug; The mainboard failure, please contact the supplier; The power blown fuse, please replace the fuse; On the front panel fault, please contact the supplier, carbon with fat from possible reason is that carbon with no right around in the machine; Temperature setting is correct; Not set up correctly the feeding amount; The pressure of the print head and balance set is not correct.

how to test the quality of the print head? When the micro printer use after a period of time, sometimes need to check whether the print head is in use process by wear or burn out, then you can print out the self-inspection tags to determine, if the introspection on the label of the bitmap image in the shape of vertical stripes and the print head has been cleaned, so often explain the print head has been damaged.

the introspection is the process of turning off the power of the micro printer, install a good label paper, ribbon, hold down the key, then turned on the power and should now hold the key not to put, until the micro printer issued a prompt, according to the LCD panel prompt again can print a test page.

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