Seven kinds of commonly used zebra _ equipment problem printing bar code printer paper measurement method

by:Xprinter     2020-05-01
Zebra bar code printer with superior performance, durable quality won the favour of the masses of users, electronic, mayer will introduce you to seven new zebra barcode printers, various types of commonly used to restore the factory with the operation of the test paper. 1, Zebra105SL zebra barcode printer: shutdown, press and hold the three key feed key at the same time, pause and cancel keys; Boot, such as display content appears, let go, bar code printer automatic test paper. Restore factory Settings: according to both the SETUP, then press & quot; +' ” - - - - - - ” Page, find & quot; LOADDEFAULT” And then press & quot; 保存” , bar code printer paper feed automatically, and restore the factory Settings, switch machine again. 2, ZebraS600 zebra barcode printer factory default: shutdown, hold the PAUSE and FEED boot at the same time, about 3 seconds, press MODE4 around, save Settings, and then return to the print mode, then to turn it off. Under the condition of detection: boot, press MODE key to CALIBRATE ( The test paper light) Light, then press the FEED. 3, ZebraZ400 zebra barcode printer factory default: shutdown, holding down the FEED + PAUSE button switch on at the same time, about 10 seconds after the release, the printer will automatically restore factory Settings test paper method: hold the CALIBRATE button boot, go after the paper CALIBRATE release button, and then a lot of paper, paper after the shutdown, boot up again, test paper is complete. 4, ZebraS4M zebra barcode printer testing the print head is working correctly, is there a broken needle or testing on both sides of the print head pressure balance: the test page prints out just can know, method is first close the bar code printer, and then hold down the PAUSE key boot, such as open 8 seconds, bar code printer will automatically print out the paper, examine the content of the print are in good condition. Restore factory Settings: shutdown, hold out paper button at the same time, the pause button boot, about 8 seconds after let go, the printer will restore factory Settings. Methods: 5, Zebra110XiIII zebra bar code printer to recognize paper first pause, press CALIBRATE again. 6, Zebra105SE zebra barcode printer paper: boot state, according to the three MODE, then press FEED, printer paper automated test action. 7, ZebraZ4M zebra barcode printer test paper: hold down the pause button to boot. Zebra barcode printing head is broken needle: hold down the pause button boot 8 seconds after release, bar code printer to print out a black piece of bar code label paper, check whether there is a white line on the non-drying label, if there is a general can be judged for the broken needle, then print the barcode may not be able to scan.
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