Several kinds of possibility _ print bar code printer can't print equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-05-11
When using bar code printer, maybe you have ever had, bar code printer can't print, will appear this kind of situation usually because of the following kinds: 1, a hardware failure, are less likely to the mainboard burned or other hardware is broken, generally is also easy to detect. 2, man-made fault: is the work of the improper operation, cause the barcode label can't print, this is more common. Such as paper and carbon belt is not good, and so on. Specific what to do in accordance with the operation process, it also need to warn you, both hardware and software, be sure to look at the instructions. Many clients are found this problem cannot solve the problem, and then come back to look at the instructions and the matters needing attention, and then suddenly realize, therefore, in order to achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort, don't take shortcuts. 3, a software problem: in the label design software, mobile data storage path and is occupied by a second party or a third party can also cause the bar code label can't print. To ensure data security, in the process of import, ensure that the data is not being used for the next test connection and fields, print bar code labels, lay the foundation. Some customers will ask: I just need to use when the import database database the content inside the do that? Tell you a little trick, can make a copy of the database, in addition to open. As long as you don't share a database, bar code software LabelPainter will turn a blind eye, on leave. One thing need to remind is: empty data and Spaces are also data, if you don't need to delete as far as possible, also won't be able to print the barcode as a possibility. Other possibilities: bar code printer can't print there are several possible: 1. The print head is broken needle, need to replace the print head, 2. Print the fuzzy, adjust print concentration or replace carbon belt. 3 barcode type error, the domestic commonly used type is CODE128, 39 and EAN13, 4. Scanner problem, if it is infrared scanners, average recognition rate is more bad, suggested by laser, 5 scanning way is wrong, the scanner from the red light to all the bar code coverage, 6, editing software has a problem, if not professional barcode software, barcode can be pulled at random, regular software is limited, beyond the limit scanner is unable to identify; 7, a printer driver not installed. Above is the entire content of this article, if you also want to know, the more the effect of barcode equipment information, welcome you through WeChat, website, phone consulting to us, we will wholeheartedly for you to solve every problem to your satisfaction.
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