silver fox further enhances its thermal printer and labelling software.

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Garden City, Wales, England, June 29, 2013--(PR. com)--
Silver Fox, the UK\'s leading manufacturer of label solutions, has updated and upgraded its thermal printers and Labacus innovative label software.
The company provides solutions for the global oil and gas, power, rail, and data and telecom industries designed to ensure fast and efficient identification of cables, wires, optical fibers, panels and equipment, develop printers and software to help engineers who work on time
Key projects that turn time into profit.
The connection between Silver Fox\'s software and its hot printert has been further improved.
Previously, when setting the label to run, Silver Fox provided significant savings in terms of time and label waste.
Now, with the release of the latest version, there is more potential savings --
Engineers can plug in the printer and let the software automatically select and organize the relevant USB ports.
Using the method of continuous improvement, this latest enhancement means that the choice of USB printer port is completely automatic.
Also, since Silver Fox has written its own printer driver, which is installed as part of the software, there is no need to install additional printer drivers.
\"Attention to detail --
Make sure that SilverFox thermal printers and software works instantly, saving time and effort
It\'s part of Silver Fox philosophy, \"commented Silver Fox CEO NickMichaelson.
\"Another example of this attention to detail is that the user can select\" 6 \",\" 8 \"and\" 9 \"in the print tag \".
\"The latter underline option is particularly useful for packaging --
For example, a circular label can be read as \"600\" when a number is really \"009 \".
\"0\" has another option that is \"o \".
Silver Fox is really working hard.
So our customers don\'t have to do that.
Everything we do is like this . \"
Silver Fox has released a new version of its Labacus innovative label software, which has three versions: standard, advanced and professional.
These are only different at the functional level.
\"While the premium version is the most popular, the professional version contains the industry-
\"The main function of importing and manipulating printed information,\" Nick said . \".
\"Both levels can help users build or import data quickly and without fuss --
Professional level industry-leading spread-
Paper operation and import.
\"Silver Fox software users are definitely the most --to-
The date is released because the software contains a module that can automatically download the latest version from the Silver fox website for free.
\"These updates are based on feedback from engineers around the world.
So no matter where the user is, no matter how long their project is, they can always make sure they work in the latest version --
Help them produce labels quickly and efficiently;
He said, \"engineers want to get assurance and reliability by working with a company that produces and offers a wide range of label options in the UK, customers-
Focus on technology and support services around the world.
This is one of the reasons why they turned to silver fox.
About Silver Fox Limited, a leader in manufacturing label solutions in the UK, using dedicated plug-and-play thermal printers or standard office printers
Ensure fast and efficient identification of cables, wires, fiber optic, panels and equipment
Silver Fox provides solutions for the world\'s oil and gas, electricity, railways, data and telecoms industries.
Durablelabelling, an independent test made by Silver Fox, is only part of the story.
It also offers three levels of software, all of which can be downloaded free of charge from the Silver Fox website.
These software solutions have been developed with engineers over the past 15 years or so, providing a unique set of time
Save option, time is-
Key projects can turn time into profits.
Silver Fox tests its label in a recognized independent UKAS certified testing laboratory, meeting many different MILand other standards.
Silver Fox is registered with ISO 9001: 2008.
Silver fox has spent more than 30 years developing products.
Its commitment to global business won the Queen\'s Enterprise Award in 2005 --
International Trade.
More information from: Nick Michael son, 44 silver fox Co. , Ltd (0)1707 373727; nick.
Michael Johnson @ silverfox. co.
Bob Little, Bob Little Press & PR, 01727 860405, UK; bob.
Small @ boblittlepr
Com Contact Information: Silver Fox Bob 44 (0)
1727 373727 contact www by email. silverfox. co. Nickm @ silfox, UK
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