Small portable printer cartridges capacity reason _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-07-19
What is the reason for the small portable printer cartridges capacity? On the number of colors, universal product USES four color ink cartridges and USES 4 color and 6 color swap, while digital photo products for the most part USES three color ink cartridge, including thermal sublimation products also USES 3 color, of course, also have use 6 color printing products, but a lot of volume is larger. For portable printers, battery and material is also very important two links, whether can support the battery is an important criterion for portable printer, at present there are two kinds of portable printer battery configuration, is a product standard, the other is as options. And other printing equipment, the choose and buy of portable printers, consumables is also need to focus on a link, the portable printer due to the small size, so it's ink cartridge capacity is small, so it's print cost also is higher than desktop printers, thermal sublimation and products of the material is higher than inkjet products, so the user when the choose and buy must consider the cost of the product.
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