So how to configure the printer _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2023-08-22

the benefits of POS cash register so printers are easy to replace cable, unlike other printer must use cable to use. After 1, so the printer connect computer or router will automatically generate an IP address. By printer self-inspection or computer browser to access can see the IP address of the printer, and can be changed in a fixed IP address.

2, so the printer cable connection method is divided into two kinds, one kind is connected to the router connection, as well as ordinary cable, another is connected directly to the computer, here introduce specific cable production practice:

cable cross connection method: end by T568B standards, namely according to the orange white, orange, green, white, blue, blue and white, green, brown, white, brown order. At the other end by T568A standards, green and white, green, orange, white, blue white, blue, orange, brown, white, brown. After the cable is made via the printer self-test according to IP address, and then by reference to the printer IP network segment, to reset the computer network segment can be connected.

3, so the printer can be divided into belt knife and two without cutting knife, cutter price is quite high, but it is more convenient.

4, so the printer found in the kitchen, in order to guarantee the life of the printer, you can order a plastic cover, need to manually do before, now mostly so the print can prevent oil set of choose and buy, if take knife can cut paper directly, collect the tickets from below.

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