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by:Xprinter     2020-04-03
A, according to perform the non-drying label printer daily paper perform a choose and buy, it is a very important indicator, it directly affects the what kind of level do you want to use the label printer. If you didn't perform more than 4000 copies of a day, basically use commercial type is enough; If more than 5000 pieces, and is often continuity printing, it is best to use the addition. There may be some small cost of enterprises have a question: we use commercial type sometimes played 6, 7 photos every day, ok? Have such a question, can only be so soon, your bar code printer is used and meet with some label paper quality is good. Your printer just temporarily no problem, but time is long, the machine will gradually wear and life will be discounted. And commercial label printer speed is than addition, if meets the product fault, it is very affect work efficiency. 2, according to the printing accuracy and precision of the width of choose and buy stickers printer stickers printer generally have: 203 dpi, 300 dpi, three 600 dpi, the larger the value, on behalf of the printing precision is higher, the more clear. The general labels with the front two is enough. But some industry, such as: jewelry industry, brands, clothing industry, etc. , on the exquisite labels requirement is high. In addition, some components, high-end electronic products also need high definition of label paper, these often will use 600 dpi the non-drying label printer. In addition to the print accuracy, the width is also need to be aware of. Ordinary stickers printer width is 2 inch, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches. Wider if need to print labels, be about to choose wide the non-drying label printers, generally speaking, there are 8 inches and 10 inches. Three, according to the body material, appearance of choose and buy stickers printer stickers printer from the fuselage material consists of plastic shell and metal case. Commercial bar code printer usually use plastic shell, and addition of metal shell is more, this is mainly decided by its usage environment. Addition of printers are often used to perform a large, large workshop, and pollution such as auto parts manufacturing industry. Use solid metal shell, can have good protection effect. Type and commercial bar code printers, attention will be more beautiful appearance, color diversity, volume weight is appropriate, so the plastic shell. But note that the plastic material is not resistant to knock against, aging, internal structure is easy to wear, so should pay attention to maintenance of it. Of course, now some big brands of products is also considering the plastic wear problem, pay attention to the work, the work of materials, it also improve the wearability of type commercial printer, relative price is also high, the customer can choose according to their own actual situation. In addition, the customer bar code printer, the choose and buy a lot of the time also consider its appearance, size, color, etc. The choose and buy the printer beauty not beautiful appearance, size is suitable for the location of need, the color and the style is in line with the office environment and so on. Choose collocation of bar code printer can make the operator when using more enjoyable, more convenient. Four, according to the warranty and after-sales service of choose and buy stickers printer company stickers printer when the choose and buy, the warranty period and its corresponding after-sales service is also important to consider factors. Choose to have a longer warranty and professional after-sales service, convenient can let companies in the use of the printer more at ease, the problems can be timely and effective solution. In general, stickers barcode printer is the whole year warranty, the print head is three months, and six months. Depending on which products, and his brand. Five, according to the request of collocation to choose and buy stickers printer in addition to the main consideration of the above factors, but also pay attention to barcode printer connected to the computer interface. If buy printer without interface collocation, it is in trouble. So when buying, also should pay attention to this, usually interface: USB, parallel, serial, front-end ports.
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