Unable to connect the printer troubleshooting methods _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-14
Unable to connect the printer first, automatic search, need to check the printer for the name of the currently used printer. If not, we need to clear in setting the background data ( Because the factory will do testing before) , under the automatic search. Second, after the connection, see if the charge, if the charging, check whether the original factory to match the wire. If not in charge, planted a pull OTG line. Or line broken. Third, the printer machine cover problem, check the printer status, such as lamp is flashing. Fourth, so the printer problem, if so unable to connect to a printer, the printer need to check the IP address ( Turn off the printer power, hold out paper button, and then open the printer power supply) 。 And then change the Settings in the advanced Settings inside the IP of WLAN. Fifth, check whether the data line with line by manufacturer, common data line can only be recharged and cannot print.
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