Use paper printer to avoid traps? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-07
Label printer is separated from the main purpose of the printer a printer types, like photo printers, label printers, instead of what we usually divided according to the principle of printing of stylus printer, inkjet printers, laser printers, thermal printers. Use paper printer to avoid traps? Using the environment is not good: the use of some machines environmental dust big, plus the machine use for a long time not to maintain, machine internal dust and cabinet, blocked the light of photoelectric sensor channel, causing the printer wrong operation, can't work normally. Suggest user in use process often pay attention to maintenance, to ensure that you better use the printer. Not use ribbon to protect film: some users at the time of replacement ribbon, remove the foil boxes at the front of the small pieces of plastic, changing the core after do not put it on again, so when use printed documents will have to wipe arc is not clear, affect the print quality, but also affects the transmission of ribbon, easy to wear a ribbon, and the wind tore print injection, so the user when you don't forget to change my belt core ribbon protect tablets ( Direction cannot be wrong) 。 Paper thickness adjustment lever in the right position: paper thickness adjustment rod should adjust according to the thickness of the paper, not too big nor too small, the gap is too big to wear a ribbon, the gap is too small easy to cause damage to print head. There are some new label printer paper thickness adjustment is done automatically, use rise more convenient. Electric plug: electric plug refers to the host and the printer power turned on at the same time, under the condition of insertion of communication between a host and the printer cable. Host and the printer switched on at the same time, due to host the voltage and the output port to the printer interface voltage is not equal, there is a potential difference, then online cable, plug connector is equivalent to short circuit, causing the output port printer interface and the host to burn out, serious when may burn out printer motherboard, cause needless loss. So the user must pay attention to when using electric plug of avoid by all means.
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