Uv flat-panel printers which brand is good? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-13
Uv flat-panel printers which brand is good? For just understanding of the industry users, is a very difficult thing. Main reason: some factories to open several branches, use need not the brand; Many agents with manufacturers of equipment, stick a card again after a sign; There are many manufacturer itself also got a lot of brands and so on, to the number of uv flat-panel printers brand in the market now around 200. But no matter how brand change, the core of things won't change, change is in the medicine soup. From the following three aspects, allows users to quickly learn how to judge the uv flat-panel printers brand. 1, see equipment core parts, that is, nozzle. If each manufacturer epson nozzle is general, can do, not what brand, belongs to a very simple process. To buy this type of equipment, as long as it's not change capacity and refurbished machines, which is as close to your factory, it is good to buy directly. 2, the same name to see series, in addition to epson, other nozzle is low, medium and high, the top of these four levels, the price also is ranged from 3000 to 30000. As the computer CPU, three, four generation, also subdivide the i3, i5 and i7. So be sure to recognize the reality. Take seiko sprinkler series, low-end is 255, 510; In the end of 1020, gs508; High-end gs1024; Top for rc1536. So, when choosing, ask the salesman what is configured. 3, see have to buy the uv flat-panel printers, customer feedback, now the Internet is very developed, many bad information can be on the side to learn. If see what press event, exhibition was containment, company move events, was sentenced by the court for bad enterprise and so on, at the time of choice, is to be cautious. For users, it is very important to choose uv flat-panel printers one thing, may be the hope of entrepreneurship, may is the key to transformation and upgrading of the company, may be a few years of hard savings and so on, so be sure to polish eyes, than brand, of course must be field trips.
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