Waterproof adhesive label how to prevent dirty _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-14
The non-drying label used in our daily life is very broad, but due to its own characteristics of the non-drying label, is often books easy to stick on the dirty things, it makes the non-drying label beautiful degree is greatly reduced. Stickers on the back of printed version of the full field when it is easy to dirty, is due to the adhesive surface coated paper absorbency is poorer, with the bucket as far as possible when printing ink, do not add ink oil, add some appropriate to glue, glue, oil are not added when the weather is hot and dry. On the back of the printed version of the full field tend to stick dirty, usually USES the powder solution to, although printing anti-sticking dirty spray powder contains pure plant material, dispersion and liquidity is pretty good, but using spray powder will directly affect the surface gloss of printing products, make the ink is not bright, and pollute the environment, and also has effect on the accuracy of offset press. Pay attention to offset printing ink balance, control the size of printing surface water. On the premise of not dirty plate using the least amount of layout of water, adhesive smooth, bright and clean, printed full version of the field before deep color, and ink is printed, will be subject to not sticky dirty on the back, and then thin color overprint, this would be a good printing product finish. To overcome the disadvantages of water in the offset printing ink big, ink cannot be too thin, too thin is easy to dirty on the back, if it is too thin to add some new ink, in order to enhance printing ink viscosity. More than self-adhesive printing paste roller and paperboard. Stickers as evenly coated with a layer of adhesive layer on the back of the paper, adhesive on a layer of easy stripping waxed paper, when it's hot in the summer, the temperature is high, pressure sensitive adhesive solution under the roller pressure between the roller will be from a crack in the paper show it and trace glue adhesive fluid at high temperature, mechanical roller pressure dirty, sticky, even, will directly influence the normal feed accurate overprint, paper edge adhesive liquid will paste on the rubber roller, will not easily adhesive in the roller, ink roller, as well as on the impression cylinder, colloquially as glue. This is one of the biggest drawbacks in adhesive in printing. We in actual work of the offset printing, encountered such a situation the solution: adhesive after cutting in offset printing, before the adhesive in the side of the cutting, all around will inunction of talcum powder, starch plants ( Powder spraying of anti-sticking dirty) , make its adhesive liquid wiped and apply to live, to avoid the cylinder pressure and the weather causes the drawbacks of the pressure sensitive adhesive flow, the effect is very good.
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