What are the application in the micro printer kiosks in the bank? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-24
With the progress of science and technology, the opening up of banking business and the fierce competition environment, the bank must continually to provide more efficient and convenient services to attract customers, and customers to bank timeliness requirements are also rising, so there is no banking, self-service banking arises at the historic moment. So, what are the application in the micro printer kiosks in the bank? Bank information gets to the non-cash transactions such as transfer machine terminal, usually by the domestic manufacturer, low cost, is banking powerful complement and extension. This kind of equipment is a bit low, to the requirement of printing module function are usually only need ordinary printing function, some even unnecessary black label detection function, but the basic need automatic paper cutting function, print function in Chinese, but it requires high reliability, performance is given priority to with mid-range, usually without prsenter, the paper nearly, big roll of paper functional requirement is not strong. Because this kind of terminal it tends to be delicate, small, beautiful appearance, etc. , usually little scope to print module, usually buy printer parts according to the size of the cabinets to the installation of flexible printing module components, components generally includes imported printing machine, printer, cutter, independent research and development the printer control board, special power supply, etc. , both components can be designed by frame, paper holder frame of printed forms of structural unit, also can install the component distribution according to the practical situation in different places, such as ultra thin cabinet, or wall-mounted cabinets, etc. With the development of computer and communication technology, the micro printer has been widely used in various aspects. MS - thermal micro printer 530年,我,,女士 D347,女士 D245,女士 T850,女士 U110 performance index, commonly used control command, control, timing, gives the functional subroutine bytes sent and complete print take program, combined with the printer structure design of the bank queuing get machine, with small hardware structure is simple, low cost, high reliability, low fault rate and is worth popularizing in traffic areas such as commercial medical treatment to bank.
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