what are the different types of receipt printers you can choose from?

by:Xprinter     2019-11-09
The receipt printer plays an important role in the POS or point of sale system.
To print customer receipts and credit card sheets, this special equipment is used in major retail environments.
Different restaurants use a receipt printer to print orders in the kitchen or on the relevant bar counter.
Although the receipt printer has an important position in the industry, few people have a clear understanding of the various types of receipt printers available on the market.
Using a dot matrix printer is often referred to as a dot matrix printer that affects the printer is one of the most economical and reliable options under the receipt printer category.
This type of receipt printer involves a minimum operating cost in total.
It basically has a large number of small pins attached to the print head and works with the relevant ink bands in order to produce letters on paper.
The dot matrix printer is able to print both red and black as well as graphics.
Knowledge about inkjet printers tend to have different print heads that drop tiny liquid ink onto specific paper.
If you want to print some high quality color coupons and logos on your receipt, then this particular device is worth investing in.
As an efficient printer option, there are many industrial sectors that prefer to complete the print output on inkjet printers.
Hot receipt printer
In the field of digital printing, the most popular thermal printer is actually a popular choice.
This device generates a series of printed images by heating coated thermal paper or thermal chameleon paper on the subsequent thermal print head.
The thermal printer is able to apply heat print black and red at two different temperatures.
These types of printing devices are much quieter than point matrix printers and work much faster than previous models.
In addition, they are compact in structure, lighter in weight and lower in power consumption, making them ideal for retail applications.
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