What are the general performance of barcode printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-10

we must first know what is a bar code printer, and what are the types of bar code printer?

in the official sense, bar code printer is a kind of special printer to print the contents of it is for the enterprise brand identity and the serial number identification, packaging, bar code identification, envelopes, labels, clothing tag, etc.

bar code printers, and the biggest difference is that of ordinary printer, bar code printers print is based on heat to carbon belt for the print medium ( Or directly use the thermal paper) Complete printing, the printing way one of the biggest advantages compared with common print approach is that it can be realized in the case of unattended continuous high-speed printing.

bar code printers, print head, is the most important parts of the print head is composed of thermistor, printing is the process of thermal resistor fever carried carbon carbon powder is transferred to the process of paper. So in the choose and buy a barcode printer, the print head is a worthy of special attention to the parts, take it and carbon is the soul of the whole printing process. In current

in the common printer on the market because of the difference of the brand, there are two different print head, one is pressing the print head, the whole print head pressure on carbon, the print head can adapt to all kinds of carbon belt, with broad user base, the print head is one of the most common, widely used in various brands of bar code printer; Floating the print head, the other is a

this is a new kind of mode of the print head, the print head just press in carbon belt, the print head while demand for carbon belt is higher, but it has the function of saving carbon belt so it is widely used in some big company technical force is abundant. Print width: says the biggest width, printer can print also represents the level of the printer, in general, printing width is 3 inches to 8 inches several options, printing width is the determinant of select printer, users should according to own actual need choice suits own printer. Print accuracy: the higher the accuracy of the printer to print more clear, now the highest printing precision is 600 dpi, and 200 dpi or 300 dpi can meet the needs of industrial daily, users have no need to pursue high printing accuracy and the cost of spending too much. Printing speed: fast speed is biggest advantage of bar code printer for ordinary printer. Its speed can reach 16 inches per second. For the same machine, the faster the speed, the lower the precision. So the user must modify the machine to achieve the perfect combination of speed and accuracy. Interface: general parallel port ( LPT) And serial port ( RS232) Is a standard interface for bar code printer. Usb print mouth also gradually become the standard at present, the usb interface to use more convenient, at the same time, the current popular desktop and notebook standard are given priority to with usb interface, parallel port is rare. Others: to allow the printer to the user's requirements, various manufacturers have designed a lot of optional accessories: cutter, stripper, paper holder and so on, the user can choose according to their specific requirements themselves.

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