What are the non-drying label printing way _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-05
Below let small make up to tell you the non-drying label printing way have? Embossed with embossed printing adhesive labels, plate for photosensitive resin letterpress, printing label has the advantage that the inky full, but now letterpress printing equipment the grade difference is bigger, some still in use circular embossed pressing machine, some use normal rotary letterpress machines, some of which have been adopted professional inclined back, satellite or unit self-adhesive label printing machine, so cannot treat as the same in the transformation. Is given priority to with embossed professional self-adhesive printing presses, all have the ability to print film label, but need to contact the supplier and replace some relevant parts, such as the increase of the tension control of the servo motor control system, film surface treatment unit, some high-end machine also can increase the precision alignment system. Offset printing offset printing is the main way of our country's label printing printing paper stickers. Offset printing is characterized by fine, rich layers, suitable for mass printing, and printing equipment can multi-usage, suitable for the characteristics of Chinese label market. But is not suitable for sheet-fed offset printing surface without absorbing film, because the film label for roll to roll printing, more needs to be volatile drying inks. Offset printing can be printed thicker plastic materials, such as mould tags, labels, tags, but must give the machine equipped with uv curing device, need a lot of costs. Flexo currently flexographic print quality as offset printing, and even has its own unique place. This printing machine has the advantage of simple structure, low cost, the printing quality can be comparable to those of offset, gravure products and has more than offset printing ink layer thick, the advantages of using water-based ink and uv flexo ink, does not pollute the environment. But due to the flexible version of the elasticity is larger, order the reproducibility and gravure and ordinary letterpress, flexible printing highlights in the middle of the network increases, small print contrast, specular level prone to fault, in the fine print graphic label, in order to make up the level of defects, highlights part can use FM outlets, dark color or intermediate calls the amplitude modulation and network to improve quality. No flexo machine label printing can be the introduction of dedicated to the non-drying label printing cascading narrow flexographic printing presses, the printing machine is suitable for film label printing. Due to pressure the flexographic printing presses are circular die cutting, die-cutting roller price is high, the production cycle is long, only apply to the long version of live, for the characteristics of the domestic demand of the non-drying label short version live big not adapt. But it is a easy transition label printing equipment, film and cutting, sewing, the sealing process online work. Gravure gravure printing on the short ink road for ink and ink system, drum material printing, a high degree of automation, the use of solvent-based inks, ink layer drying quickly, is the first selection of film type of printing. General gravure press speed is high, many gravure press backend configuration roller die cutting device, die-cutting, indentation, can be suitable for all kinds of label printing. But as a result of gravure plate making cycle is long, plate-making expensive, only suitable for mass production of labels. Screen printing screen printing is the most widely adapted to substrates printing way, at present, there are many network YinChang by cheap screen printing equipment adhesive labels and film label printing business. The characteristics of screen printing label is inky, dense stereo sense is strong, can use uv ink printing film products. In addition to a handful of several kinds of rotary screen printing equipment can be competent for volume to the volume label printing, most for semi-automatic flat screen printing screen printing equipment.
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