What is an important index of paper printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-23
Print column width, and copying ability is the most important two indicators paper printers, says its most important does not mean that the two measures of the highest technical content, but the user, if choose wrong, there is not in conformity with the actual application situation, will directly affect the user's use. Other indicators, the choice is not appropriate at most is the quality of the print slightly less, or the waiting time longer. So when the choice, need to print column width, and copy the ability to choose carefully. In addition, the adaptability of medium also cannot be ignored. Medium adaptability refers to the thickness of the paper, the printer can print in practical application, due to different purposes, therefore the paper thickness used is endless also and same, such as in the commercial invoice is generally thin, and in the postal industry because of the need to print the thickness of the larger media such as postcards, envelope, would then select medium strong ability to adapt to paper printer. Another important indicator is the printing speed. Stylus printer print speed is with the CPS ( Can print the number of characters per second) Represented, though in actual application of speed is the sooner the better, but because the printer often deal with tissue paper and laminated paper, therefore in the process of print cannot seek growth, but rather to print smooth, accurate, clear as the goal, in the stability and fast. The last item on the reliability index is printers use. In practical application, often need a stylus printer for a long time continuous work, work intensity is bigger, so the requirement for the stability of the products also have quite, can't because of work for a long time and sabotage, strike.
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